Hundreds of my ideas shared; trying to write about a major issue

Over the past month, I have shared hundreds of my ideas ranging from physics to climate change to computing to business to law to labor to domestic violence to social reform to photography. The ideas I shared were only the ideas that I already had written in a format that was easy to convert to WordPress. My guess is that the ideas I posted are no more than 30% of the ideas I have bouncing around my head or recorded in less-accessible formats.

In late March 2012, the ARDC issued an illegal subpoena to for all records they had about me. did not follow the law: instead of sending the subpoena to the court, the company sent the illegally requested information directly to the ARDC. They sent it as an email (probably illegal) and they sent it early. Because the ARDC directly received the information, I could not challenge the subpoena in court: it is not possible to un-ring a bell.

When the ARDC illegal invaded my privacy—intentionally invading my privacy to intimidate me—they did not only invade my privacy. The records they collected included personal information of about 900 other people, including email addresses, phone numbers, names, and home addresses.

I have spent many hours over the last almost three years trying to cope with the ARDC’s abusive actions, but even now, I am shaking as I try to write about this.

In about a week, I will run out of money. The constant stress and lack of medicine is much more serious, however. I do not want to be alive anymore because this pain is too much and begging for the right to live is a major source of the pain. Jiàn sǐ bù jiù.

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