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Habits of secure and private contact

When you contact me, your family, your friends, or anyone else, if you do not protect your security and privacy, then you are sacrificing the security and privacy of your friends and family. Do you want to hurt the people you love? If not, learn—and always use—the habits of security and privacy.

Please, only contact me with secure and private methods.

Use a password manager

Without strong passwords, secure and private applications are not secure or private. If you use the same password in more than one place, you damage your security. To protect yourself and the people you love, use a password manager such as LastPass.

Contact Hunter Hogan with email

Best option: send from your Protonmail to my Protonmail

When you send email from your Protonmail account to another Protonmail account, all the security and privacy is automatic and easy. How to do it:

  1. You create a Protonmail account.
  2. Send an email from your Protonmail to my Protonmail: [email protected].

For the masochist, public key encryption

If you understand public key encryption, and if you enjoy unnecessary work, you can download my [email protected] public key. I prefer Protonmail to Protonmail because the metadata stays within the Protonmail servers, hence more privacy.

I have other email addresses, and some of them have public keys, but please don’t use them right now.

Encrypted contact form

The following contact form sends an encrypted message to me. But because you could enter a fake email address, I probably will not reply to messages sent through this form.


Your Name :
Your E-mail Address :
Your Message :

Contact Hunter Hogan with instant messenger

As of 5 March 2018, the security, privacy, and cross-platform accessibility of Wire – Private Messenger make it far superior to all other applications. Everything else is a liability.

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I’m disabled & homeless.

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Thank you.