Waist-to-hip ratio: a canvas for exploring issues

Series of photographs exploring different issues by using the waist-hip ratio as a tool.

  1. Photography is a lie
    1. Use different crop techniques to show that the apparent ratio can be manipulated
    2. Manipulate the appearance by minimizing the waist
    3. Manipulate the appearance by increase hips
  2. Why girls hate their stomach
    1. Show that the waist-hip ratio disappears when looking at a girl from the side
    2. Worse, the ratio gets inverted because the stomach is naturally larger than the pelvis
  3. Compare thin girls to larger girls, but all with 2/3 ratio
  4. Compare girls that have the same waist size but different hip sizes. Show that 1/1 ratio (like on “supermodels” is not the most attractive)
  5. .7 is the key number
    1. Standardize how to measure it.
  6. Show a series where everyone is the same ratio, but the hips are getting bigger
  7. Show a series where everyone is the same ratio, but the waist is getting smaller
  8. Series: same ratio, but breast size is variable
  9. Use mirrors to show multiple angles of the same model at the same time
    1. ala Rodin
    2. But getting the right depth of field will be very difficult, I should practice or calculate before getting an actual model
  10. If age and ethnicity are apparent from my photos, I should try to have a variety
  11. Same ratio but different levels of skinniness, from bony to chunky


    I guess there are two broad things I want to explore:

  12. Researchers have a good understanding of what waist-to-hip ratio people consider to be the most attractive and how it can vary by culture. I want to make art that makes that research accessible to the general public.
  13. There are a lot of ways to manipulate the appearance of the ratio, especially in photography, and I want to show people what some of those illusions are, and maybe they will learn to see through the lies.


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