A plan that is not a plan

Yin, yang

Based on recent experiences, it is plausible that I could reduce my stress in the next 45 days–but I only have 10 days of money left.

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I bought some medicine

Fight the power. Hunter Hogan at HunterThinks.com

This is the most sick I have been in a long time, so I had to buy some medicine. I could only afford some anti-diarrhea medicine, so I spent US$3 on it and I bought some saltine crackers. I feel a little better because I am less dehydrated and because my body has been able … Read more

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Hundreds of my ideas shared; trying to write about a major issue

Over the past month, I have shared hundreds of my ideas ranging from physics to climate change to computing to business to law to labor to domestic violence to social reform to photography. The ideas I shared were only the ideas that I already had written in a format that was easy to convert to … Read more

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ARDC introduction

There is no law. There is only power. There are no facts. There are only fiats.

This page is an early attempt by me to describe my dealings with the ARDC. It covers less than two years of the ordeal and only highlights some of the illegal actions of Wendy Muchman and others at the ARDC.

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I’m disabled & homeless.

I must earn money from advertisements.

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