The alleged reason for the ARDC’s illegal subpoena

The ARDC believed that I used to send communicate with Justine Coverdill. Justine was a witness in the charges against me, of course, and blocking my access to a witness is a clear violation of the ethical rules. Nevertheless, Wendy Muchman, the Chief Investigator and Chief Litigator at the ARDC explicitly told me not to have contact with Justine. Ironically, Wendy Muchman teaches ethics at Northwestern University School of Law. Wendy Muchman broke so many ethical rules and criminal laws during my litigation that Northwestern should hire Dick Cheney to the laws of torture.

A subpoena must only ask for information that is relevant to the litigation. Assuming that my communication with Justine was relevant, a proper subpoena to would have been limited to the communication I had with Justine. Instead, the ARDC illegally used the force of law to require to produce everything I had ever done on

Any and all notes. memoranda, records, documents, correspondence and files related to user dancecc, including but not limited to copies of all e-mails, instant messages, original profile, profile changes, photos posted and profiles visited by dancecc.

This included personal information of over 900 other people that had nothing to do with the litigation.

What was the message that I sent to Justine? You have to be 18 to use, and I found that she had made a profile claiming to be 19 when she was only 17. I sent her the following message.

Type: Message Thread
Subject:  19?
Sender DELETED the message
Receiver's message in INBOX
From:  dancecc
To:  Justine_Siarose
Time:  2010-03-03 20:57:44
Wow, you got older pretty fast. 

My intent was to show her that I knew she was on OkCupid and that she should not be on there. She immediately deleted the profile and she told me that she did not make another one.

The ARDC wanted those eight lines of information, so they sent an illegal subpoena that gave them access to the private information of over 900 people and the total size of the file is 32,327 lines and nearly 2 megabytes of data. If printed, the entire file would require 500 pages.

The entire system is broken. Wendy Muchman being in a position of power is an inevitable consequence of the problems in our legal and political systems.

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