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Subject: Re: FBI’s “Suicide Letter” to Dr. King

Hi Hunter,

Thanks for writing to us. Unfortunately given the limited bandwidth of our attorneys, we are unable to get involved.

Amul Kalia

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On Wed, 03 Dec 2014, [email protected] wrote:
> EFF,
> I will be publishing information that exposes the illegal use of a 
> subpoena by the Illinois Supreme Court (through the ARDC). The illegal 
> subpoena was a massive invasion of my privacy that seems to have 
> affected about 900 other people on OkCupid.com.
> If I have help from the EFF, it is more likely I will be able to 
> expose the wrongful acts of the government while minimizing more 
> privacy intrusions to the other 900 people. Some examples of 
> information that the government illegal obtained and stills retains:
> -----------------------
> [username1]: I guess I could be honest and say that my last 
> relationship was with someone calling herself a transexual ...
> [username1]: Justine was a male to female transexual, had her junk 
> still intact, so I count that as losing my virginity, lol
> -----------------------
> The usernames are in the document that the government has. I changed 
> them in this email.
> -----------------------
> "Oh god, this is embarrassing.

I guess I'll start out by > saying I'm sorry. -I'm- gung-ho excited about modeling for you, but > when I told my dad I was thinking about it, he got really mad, and > then when I told my boyfriend I was seriously considering doing it, he > wouldn't talk to me---all stiff-lipped and glaring whenever he got the > chance; you know the way it goes, I'm sure. He only started talking to > me when I said I'd back out, no matter how childish he was acting, no > matter how shameful it would be for me. . . . You're a great > photographer, for an amateur especially, so I'm sure you will." > > In addition to telling me about her personal relationships with her > dad and boyfriend, the illegally obtained information includes many > personal details such as her email address, school, and other things > that make it trivial to figure out who she is, even though that > conversation was nearly five years ago. > > ----------------------- > > I exchanged many emails with someone who was making her money doing > porn acting. She was making videos that were a subgenre of porn that > focuses on degrading women. She shared many of her thoughts and > feelings with me, and her home address and phone number. The > government now has this information. > > ----------------------- > > [username2]: Well, I know is that I better have sex soon > [username2]: because I won't be able to have it for two weeks after > this stupid surgery [username2]: because they are cutting something > out of that area. [username2]: And I haven't had sex in awhile, I > would say in about 1 or 2 months at least. [me]: I think I know exactly what is happening then. > It sounds like a cone biopsy [me]: But, you said you don't want to > talk about it, so we don't have to [username2]: They are cutting an in > growth in my vagina [username2]: That's all. > [username2]: It will be fine. > [username2]: But I was saying is that I think that I might need sex > before my surgery. [me]: If you would like to meet and see if we have > chemistry, then that would be great. I just wanted to tell you that I > have a weird dating pattern [username2]: Because I am at that age when > a woman want to have sex all the time. [username2]: That's fine. > [username2]: Well, we would have to see first. [me]: :) That's a good age. > [username2]: No, it is not, because I never use to be like that. > [username2]: I was able to control it. > [me]: Of course, we should meet and get to know each other a little > before we decide what we want [username2]: For example, last week, I > was extremely stressed out from work, and guess what I would do when I > got home? [me]: Why control it? Animals are designed to two things, > eat food and have sex [username2]: I agree with you on that. > [username2]: I don't know, but I was just able to control it. [me]: > And just like we should eat responsibly, we should have sex responsibly [me]: I don't have any plans. > I could meet tonight or tomorrow, whenever. [username2]: So all last > week, I would go home lie on my bed and just masturbate for a > continous > [username2]: hour. [me]: That is an advantage women have over men. > [username2]: Well, let's make it tomorrow night. > [username2]: It is not really advantage, I poking myself, how is that > an advantage. [username2]: I only made myself squirt once. > [username2]: That was last week. > [me]: Oh, I assumed you had multiple orgasms during that time > [username2]: No, not really, I can't really tell, I just know that if > I squirt I must be feeling good. [me]: fascinating > [username2]: And I have only squirted three times in my life. > [username2]: Have you ever been with someone that squirts? > ... > [username2]: 847-XXX-XXXX. > > She shared a lot more information with me about her sexual activities > and desires. I sincerely doubt she intended to share the information > with the Illinois government. > > ----------------------- > > The file that the government illegally obtained is a 1.93 MB flat text > file. My guess is that you are tech-savvy enough to understand how > massive that is. As a former prosecutor who issued many subpoenas > under Illinois law, including for electronic information, my > professional opinion is that 100% of the contents of the file was > illegally obtained. It is a near certainty that I will publicize this > file to clearly illustrate the illegal actions of the government. I > very much want your help because I want the focus of the discussion to > be on the illegal actions of the government, the bad acts of the > corporation, the legal system, and related issues; and I especially do > not want any of the 900 people in the file to be the focus of media scrutiny or private harassment. > > EFF has experience with these issues, while I have only a little > experience because of my time as a prosecutor. Please help to expose > these bad actions while protecting the privacy of the 900 innocent > people in this file. > > ???? (peace), ?? (harmony), amor (love), and happiness, Hunter > > -----Original Message----- > From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] > Sent: Friday, November 14, 2014 4:47 PM > To: [email protected] > Subject: Re: FBI's "Suicide Letter" to Dr. King > > Hi Hunter, > > thanks for getting back to me with the details. I will pass it along > to our staff for their consideration, and if there is something for > us, we will be in touch. We generally are hesitant from 'publicizing' > events unless we can make an impact. > > Thanks, > Amul > > Electronic Frontier Foundation > (415) 436-9333 > [email protected] > Become a Member! https://supporters.eff.org/donate/join-4 > > On Thu, 13 Nov 2014, [email protected] wrote: > > No problem. I guess I can send it without encryption and just a > > signature. ---------------- > > > > Dear EFF, > > > > In the blog post by Nadia Kayyali, "FBI's 'Suicide Letter' to Dr. > > Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Dangers of Unchecked Surveillance", > > she wrote, "Imagine Facebook chats, porn viewing history, emails, > > and more made public to discredit a leader who threatens the status quo . > > . . . These are not far-fetched ideas." > > > > While it is not possible to compare me to Dr. King, as the only > > assistant state's attorney in my county, I was a high-profile leader > > in my small community. During the ethical investigation and > > litigation that resulted in my disbarment, the Illinois government > > used illegally broad and sometimes used illegally secret subpoenas > > to collect private information about me. One subpoena demanded that > > the website OkCupid.com turn over all records it had about me. The > > government was allegedly searching for one message to one person in > > a known, and narrow, time range, but asked for, and received, years > > of messages--to and from all people--, browsing history, and other > > information about my usage of OkCupid.com. > > > > If the subpoena had been properly written, no data would have been > > returned because the government had inaccurate information and the > > message they were looking for did not exist. The government > > intentionally intimidated me during the three-and-one-half year > > investigation and litigation, however, and because the subpoena was > > as broad as possible?all information about me?OkCupid.com returned a > > flat text file that was two megabytes of information about me. As > > you likely now, if printed, a file that size would be approximately > > 500 pages. None of it was relevant to the litigation, but it > > included extremely personal information about me and about other > > people, including their phone numbers, addresses, and sexual activities. > > > > I am telling you about this because it is not necessary to "imagine" > > or speculate that the government might abuse its power to collect > > information: in my case alone, the government routinely violated the > > law and invaded my privacy. Another example: the government > > subpoenaed all of my law school records, including financial > > information, my answers to exam questions, and papers I had written, > > even though nothing about my schooling was related to the case. > > > > I strongly support the EFF, and I believe that your messages are > > always more visceral when you use actual examples of abuses of power. > > My case is exceptionally complex and I am not a sympathetic > > "defendant" (respondent is the accurate term), so I can understand > > why publicizing my case may not be useful to the EFF. An important > > reason why I am not a sympathetic respondent is because the > > government was extremely successful at assassinating my character?a > > Google search of my name will yield many websites incorrectly saying > > that I had sex with a client and accusing me of being a sexual > > predator and/or a child molester. > > > > Much of my case is already highly public, however, and you can view > > thousands of pages of documents on my website, www.hunterthinks.com. > > Unfortunately, it is not as well organized as I would like it to be. > > Three documents that outline some of the illegal actions of the > > government start at the following links: > > https://hunterthinks.com/ardc/documents/2011-05-10-letter-to-ardc-admin-about-their-violations-page-1-pdf > > https://hunterthinks.com/ardc/documents/2011-7-29-motion-to-dismiss_1 > > https://hunterthinks.com/ardc/documents/2011-12-29-request-for-explicit-ruling_1 > > > > On my website (or on Facebook), I have written very little about the > > OkCupid.com subpoena because it was one of the major events that > > contributed to my still-existing PTSD, so writing about it is > > painful and difficult. While I have posted most documents related to > > the case, I have not shared the two megabyte file with anyone. If > > you were interested in using the illegal actions of the government > > as illustrations of abuses, and if you were to promise that you > > would protect the privacy of the third-parties in the file from > > OkCupid.com, I would likely share the file with you. I am not > > worried about my privacy anymore because the government has stripped it from me: > > somewhere on my website is a so-called psychological evaluation that > > was the most damaging event that caused my PTSD, but, to be > > completely frank, I am too emotionally drained to find the link. The > > evaluation was unbelievably intrusive and it reported to the > > government what things I fantasize about when I am alone in my home and masturbating. > > I have spent the last four years trying to think of something that > > is more invasive than 1) forcing me to 2) discuss the thoughts I > > have 3) about sex 4) when I am alone 5) in my own home. I have been > > unable to think of a hypothetical that is more invasive than > > publicly divulging that information. > > > > > > ???? (peace), ?? (harmony), amor (love), and happiness, Hunter > > > > -----Original Message----- > > From: Amul Kalia [mailto:[email protected]] > > Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2014 5:18 PM > > To: [email protected] > > Subject: Re: [#PD-Y4436] FBI's "Suicide Letter" to Dr. King > > > > Hi Hunter, > > > > Can you please re-send the email? > > > > There was a problem in the encryption of the message. > > > > Thanks, > > > > Amul Kalia > > Electronic Frontier Foundation > > (415) 436-9333 > > [email protected] > > Become a Member! https://supporters.eff.org/donate/join-4 > > > > On Thu, 13 Nov 2014, [email protected] wrote: > > >
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