A new (minor-ish) problem; and will you donate your TIME?

One more issue to deal with: garbage

When I moved in to this apartment, I asked about garbage collection. Today is supposed to be garbage day. I put my garbage where the landlord instructed me to put it. Despite following instructions, it seems I made a mistake, and apparently one or more neighbors (who don’t live in my building) called my landlord.

My landlord’s message, in Spanish (I didn’t change grammar or spelling)

hay un problema por que las vecinas quieren quejare con la autoridad y eso causa una multa mu cara de $3000 a $6000 que no querras pagar tu ni yo. hay un desabasto en el ciudad de carros de basura. solo los chismosos como las vecinas que esta todo el dia pendiente saben cuando pasa. que te parece si cada quince dias me das $150 y yo paso por l basura y nos quitamos de problemss sino esas viejas seguiran molestando y tendré que pedirte el cuarto. ya no puedo seguir asi ya que estoy en mi trabajo y no puedo estar viniendo a checar las quejas ya no puedo mas es en buena onda para no afectarnos por más gente. 👍

English translation with gender noted when intended by my (male) landlord

There is a problem because the [female] neighbors want to complain with the authority and that causes a fine of about $3000 (US$[convert number=3000 from=”mxn” to=”usd”]) to $6000 (US$[convert number=6000 from=”mxn” to=”usd”]) that you and I will not want to pay. There is a shortage in the city of garbage trucks. Only the gossipers like the [female] neighbors who are waiting all day [for the garbage truck] know when it happens [the truck arrives]. What do you think if you give me $150 (US$[convert number=150 from=”mxn” to=”usd”]) every fifteen days and I go through the trash and get rid of problems? If not, those old women will continue to bother me and I’ll have to ask you for the room [to move out of the apartment]. I can not go on like this anymore since I’m at work and I can not be coming to check the complaints and I can not anymore is good enough to not be affected by more people. 👍 [The last sentence has grammar problems and some slang: I think the translation is accurate but not precise.]


I preserved the gender in the message because this situation was certainly exacerbated by the endemic sexism of Mexican culture. My male landlord’s relationship with “esas viejas” (those old women) has a long history, and his language in this message belies how he treats them. I very much want to help reduce the sexism in the world, including in Mexico.

You can help me with your time

I try to spend all of my time finding a way to fix my life, but I sometimes take a break. When I take a break and use that time to write about something other than my life, I write skillfully and efficiently. But when I try to write about my life, it is so painful that my writing is poor and my productivity is no better than five-percent of normal.

I think most people can relate to this: most of us have difficulty writing resumes or other things about ourselves. My problem is similar to that, but a million times more intense.

If you will help me write and publish (online), I can get the support I need to recover. If you can read and write in Spanish, you could help me to hire someone and create an income for myself, which would reduce (or eliminate) my need to beg. Please contact me.

Money is still an issue

If you can’t help me with your time, please help me buy food. I haven’t been eating enough because if I spend more money on food, I will have another crisis: just as I have had crises for many months.

  1. Facing eviction on 11 April 2018
  2. Facing eviction on 11 March 2018
  3. No food on 5 March 2018
  4. No medicine on 13 February 2018
  5. Facing eviction on 11 February 2018
  6. Facing eviction on 11 January 2018

As you can see, I am constantly dealing with immediate crises. This makes it almost impossible for me to work on long-term solutions to fix my life.

If you can’t help me with your time, please help to use my time more effectively: instead of using my time to deal with a crisis, you can give me the opportunity to change my life.

If you sent me money each month, how would it affect your life?

47¢ per day

If you were to spend an extra 47¢ each day, you would need to cancel Netflix and endure the humiliation of reading books.

99¢ per day

If you send me 99¢ per day, you will only survive by eating ramen noodles and prostituting yourself. (Lawyers would be able to do this if not for the ramen noodle diet.)

$1.93 per day

You would be a fool to cancel your gym membership and exercise outside just to send me $1.93 per day because your reduced exercise will shorten your life expectancy and you might be struck by lightning while exercising outside.

$5.33 per day

Only the most noble and extraordinarily tough person would downgrade their Starbucks triple-shot blonde, grande, four-pump half-vanilla half-hazelnut, almond milk, extra hot macchiato ($8.12) to a venti drip coffee ($2.79).

$999.99 per month

Actually, $999.99 per month would be a burden for almost everyone.

Pick your poison

How far will/can you go so I can survive this nightmare and I can return to helping other people?

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