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For me to recover and be self-sufficient again, we must

  • cure my medical problems, which will end my disability,
  • mitigate my extreme poverty, and
  • end my homelessness.

Rent support is the top priority

When I have enough rent support, I can stop being homeless. I have 14 of 31 days of rent support. (22 January 2022) You don’t need a PayPal account, just click the Donate button and choose an amount. Check the box for monthly donations to ensure my recovery.

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Project Bootstraps

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General support for food, shelter, and medicine



The core goal of the Integrated Patreon page is pro-social action. At the moment, the pro-social actions primarily benefit me, Hunter, but it is not “Hunter’s Patreon” page. DualDonate tiers, for example, directly benefit other people. If I were to recover or otherwise did not need support from the Integrated Patreon page, then the true goals of the page would be more obvious to everyone:

  1. Empower you, the patron, to be more pro-social.
  2. Combine the strength of Integrated patrons to empower disenfranchised people: return the power that was stolen from them.

You can join Patreon for only $1.22 per month. If everyone who reads this page were to pledge only $1.22, then the power of collective action would catapult me to health and self-sufficiency. Furthermore, we would immediately ride that inertia to improve the lives of many other people. This is an outstanding opportunity to change lives and to see the results of your pro-social actions. Be pro-social: become a part of this growing community.

Amazon Wislist

Equipment to make my life less difficult or to make money.

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I’m disabled & homeless.

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