Dan Hogan, hero, super Christian, champion of A Course in Miracles

Do you remember when Jesus said, “Love your family if you can control them?”

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said to heal the sick and give shelter to the homeless—but only if you can control the person, right?

“If I need housing…” I am unambiguously homeless.

Dan Hogan named his company Lord & Hogan because God, the Lord, is his partner. Dan Hogan tells his clients that his teachings are based on “A Course in Miracles.”

I have few comforts, but if I die soon, I will be happy that I am not like my father.

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On Jun 29, 2018, 2:59 PM, Danhogan < [email protected]> wrote:

I love yoy and want to help you.

Any equine facility should be able to locate medical help for your arm. I will pay up to $200 for the treatment for your arm.

I will pay up to $100 for transportation to a equine treatment facility.

If you need housing while you are in equine treatment program, I will pay for reasonable accommodations, food and medicine. 

I love you. Your family loves you. Let us help.

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