When I’m evicted tomorrow, I must abandon useful items

Rent is due tomorrow. I’ll be evicted. I have a 7-liter pressure cooker: that won’t fit in my backpack. I have other things I can’t take with me, so I will have to abandon them. All of that money will be wasted. Poverty is expensive.

The last time I was robbed, it was the police who stole from me. They stole my sleeping mat. A sleeping mat is not a cushion: it’s for insulation. Without a mat, sleeping on the cold ground is horribly cold. Furthermore, my sleeping bag has been broken for months. Trying to sleep outside again will be a nightmare: very cold and worried that the police will rob me a fourth time.

If I had the basics of survival, and if I had psilocybin, I could recover. https://www.PayPal.me/hunterhogan

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I’m disabled & homeless.

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