Tangible effects of anxiety disorders

Two weeks ago, I pretended I had unlimited money, and I thought about what food I would eat. Unexpectedly, I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to eat.

After more thinking, I decided I wanted a Mexican Martini from Trudy’s in Austin. The recipe is a secret, but I asked anyway.

Of course, they didn’t respond. I did some research and found some recipes that were certainly wrong, but certainly had some correct aspects. Incidental to my recipe research, I discovered that the Mexican Martini, which was invented in Austin, has since spread to other cities, and most importantly, was popular with Mexicans living in the US. I realized this was a business opportunity for me.

The International Bartenders Association says a margarita, which is the mother of the Mexican Martini, is 70 mL. Expatistan says an average cocktail in Mexico is $100 pesos. (US$[convert number=100 from=”mxn” to=”usd”]) This cocktail is top shelf, so the price is higher. One bottle of 950 mL tequila can make 30 cocktails (including spillage). If I were to charge $150 pesos (US$[convert number=151 from=”mxn” to=”usd”]) for an 80 mL cocktail, my gross profit on 30 cocktails would be $3,323.21 (US$[convert number=3323.21 from=”mxn” to=”usd”]). If I charge $200, my gross jumps to $4,823.21 (US$[convert number=4823.21 from=”mxn” to=”usd”]). Now, I was researching the recipe because I knew I could make money.

I figured out the recipe, and then I figured out two ways to improve it.

I taste tested it with two people. They both loved it. In Mexican cities, restaurants that have foot traffic use various techniques to get the people who are walking to stop and eat. My cocktail fits perfectly with established sales techniques here.

I have the recipe. I have the ingredients. I even have glasses to serve a few drinks. The only thing I need to do is talk to a restaurant and use my invention to attract customers. As you can see from these pictures, everything is packed and ready to go talk to restaurants.

I have been completely ready for five consecutive days, but I have not talked to any restaurants. Each day, I spend all day battling against my anxiety symptoms and depression symptoms. I also must overcome the stressors such as the barking dogs, upstairs neighbors wearing hard shoes on a concrete floor, and multiple neighbors playing insanely loud music. And hunger: I’m hungry because I’m afraid to spend money.

The quietest time of day is usually between 8 pm and 10 pm. Each day, I am finally able to overcome the stressors and my symptoms after 8 pm, but that is too late.

In the past, people consistently described me as confident. Today, my confidence is damaged, but it’s not destroyed. My symptoms, however, are strong enough to often cancel my confidence.

The solution is psilocybin.

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