Another crisis: can I break the cycle?

Two weeks ago, Dan Hogan, my father, broke his promise to help me. The primary reason I don’t tell people where I live is because I am afraid of Dan Hogan. He has committed at least two crimes against me and I am powerless to stop him. When he broke his promise to me, he tried to take advantage of me and find out where I would be living.

Dan Hogan’s past actions contributed to my complex post traumatic stress disorder. Because of his bad actions two weeks ago, I was overwhelmed for 10 days: I ate little and slept much. I had been working on other options to make money or get help, but because of the stress from Dan Hogan, all progress stopped.

Immediate needs

I have US$35.01 (MXN$[convert number=35.01 from=”usd” to=”mxn”]) and MXN$17 (US$[convert number=17 from=”mxn” to=”usd”]).

  1. If I don’t pay rent in two days, I’ll be evicted: MXN$1200 (US$[convert number=1200 from=”mxn” to=”usd”]).
  2. I have enough food for today, but not tomorrow.
  3. Having an apartment saves money on food because I can cook. The savings is at least as much as my rent.
  4. I need medicine: many, many medicines.
    1. Venlafaxine: three days left.
    2. Modafinil: ran out three weeks ago.
    3. Alprazolam: one dose left.
    4. Diazepam: ran out six weeks ago.
    5. Allergy pills: ran out months ago.
    6. Ibuprofen: ran out months ago.
    7. Omeprazole: 12 days left.
    8. Vitamin B: six days left.
    9. Total: MXN$3809.64 (US$[convert number=3809.64 from=”mxn” to=”usd”]).
  5. Soap, shampoo, socks, shoes, and some other stuff.

Three month plan for recovery

I want to break the cycle of crises. I want to focus on healing instead of constantly trying to figure out if I can afford to eat. I survived the last 30 days on US$275 (MXN$[convert number=275 from=”usd” to=”mxn”]), which is why I don’t have medicine or food.

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