Dan Hogan breaks his agreement and violates my boundaries, again


  1. My father, Dan Hogan, pushed me to find a solution to my health problems of which he approved.
  2. I found it.
  3. I set two boundaries:
    1. Paying for my healthcare does not give him access to my medical information. (“I shall not waive my privacy or release the ranch program from their legal duty of confidentiality.”)
    2. Paying for my healthcare does not give him the right or privilege to know my location.
  4. He agreed to pay to end my homelessness, end my poverty, and for my healthcare.
  5. Less than one week after his agreement, he broke the agreement and violated both of the boundaries I set.
  6. He involved his wife in violating my boundaries.
  7. Because I have very little money, his violations put extreme pressure on me to allow him to abuse me.

Email to Dan Hogan explaining my opportunity and my boundaries

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected], [email protected]

Subject: Housing-first program

Date: 20 March 2018, 8:53 pm CDT

You have insisted that if I find a housing-first program, that you would pay for it. It was your idea. You initiated it. You first mentioned it many months ago. You mentioned [it] most recently a few days ago. You have mentioned it continuously in between.

I have found a program in the state of Morelos. I would live on a ranch. When I need help, I would have access to assistance services such as laundry, cleaning, and cooking. The ranch has equine assisted therapy, and I would be a part of the therapy program.

My boundary about medical information. The law protects all medical information as private and confidential. The privacy and/or confidentiality of the information can be abrogated for only a few, limited, compelling reasons. Because this program includes medical treatment, all of the information is private and confidential. I shall not waive my privacy or release the ranch program from their legal duty of confidentiality.

When a third-party pays for medical care (such as you paying for the program) that does not abrogate privacy or confidentiality. Said differently, even if you pay for this program, you do not have a legal right or legal privilege to access any information about my activities at the ranch. Furthermore, the people who provide medical care to me have a legal duty to not break my confidentiality. If they were to tell you, or anyone, anything that was confidential, then they could face serious legal problems. I could sue them. The government could charge them with a crime. And they could be punished by the agency that issues their license. Additionally, if you were to knowingly induce them to break their confidentiality, or if you used fraud or coercion (such as threatening to withhold funds), then you would have civil and criminal liability. In summary, paying for the program does not entitle you to any details of my treatment.

Boundary about the exact location of the ranch. The therapy program sometimes treats victims of sexual violence, domestic abuse, or political violence. Some of these victims are at risk of continued violence or retaliation by their perpetrators. Therefore, the exact location of the ranch is not widely circulated. In fact, the existence of the ranch is not publicized because it adds an extra layer of security. New clients typically find the program through referrals by social workers, police, therapists, and similar people. (I found the program through shockingly-improbable luck.)

Many programs who work with vulnerable people choose to use the same policy of non-publication. As an example, when I was the prosecutor in Carroll County, we had one organization that assisted sexual violence victims. I had a fantastic relationship with the organization. I was told where their office was, but I was never told where their safehouse was.

You do not need to know anything more specific than that the program is in the state of Morelos. Do not ask for more information because you could endanger people. Political violence is extremely common in Mexico. If you don’t know about this, then read about the governor who “disappeared” 43 protesters. Additionally, mass surveillance in Mexico is among the most comprehensive in the world. If you don’t know about this, then read about the NSA’s MYSTIC program. No later than 2013, the NSA recorded the metadata from every phone call in Mexico. If someone were to tell you the location, whether by phone or internet, it’s possible that a corrupt person in the government could learn about the location and use that information to hurt people. (In Mexico, “hurt” means an unmarked grave.) In summary, the program is in the state of Morelos, and that is as precise as you will know.

As for boundaries in general, you regularly violate my boundaries. It is absurd that to get you to respect boundaries that I must explain that violating the above boundaries is a crime or risks lives. You violate boundaries so often that the majority of this letter is devoted to ensuring that you don’t violate boundaries.

You initiated an offer: if I found a housing-first program, then you would pay for the program. I found a housing-first program. Frankly, I doubt you will fulfill your promise. I don’t know what tactic you will use this time, but I know some of the tactics you have used in the past.

In the past, you have added new conditions. You especially like to add requirements that are impossible to meet. You have demanded that I do something that would harm me: you have even insisted that I do something that multiple doctors said would be extremely harmful for me. (Which was subsequently proved when I was illegally detained in the UK and developed panic disorder because of the detention.) You are incredibly skilled at pretending something doesn’t exist. Some people might say you ignore things, but that understates your skill: you are able to manufacture your own universe in which facts that you dislike cannot exist. When I accept your offers, you sometimes tell me that I am three days too late. Or you tell me that you will fulfill your promise tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes. You are a master at breaking your agreements and making it seem that someone else is at fault.

The costs of the housing-first program that you promised you would pay for are listed here in Mexican pesos.
Inscripción (Registration, or sign-up): $20,000
Los equipos (Riding equipment, clothing, etc.): $21,000
El depósito: $5,500
Mensual (literally “monthly”): $66,000
The first and last month are paid in advance.
Total upfront: $178,500 (Mexican pesos)

The program includes a place to live, food, toiletries, and everything related to living in a house. Of course, it includes equine assisted therapy. It also includes personalized treatment for my disorders: depression, generalized anxiety disorder, complex PTSD, and panic disorder. Treatment, medicine, and additional therapy for my disorders are included in the cost.

(peace) سلام, 和谐 (group harmony), amor (love), and happiness,

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Email from Dan Hogan agreeing to pay for my healthcare

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

CC: [email protected]

Subject: Re: Housing-first program

Date: 21 March 2018, 2:44 pm CDT

I am happy you found the Morelos residential treatment program.

Send me the program website plus the contact person to whom I would send money.

Email from Dan Hogan breaking his agreement and violating my boundaries

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

CC: [Therapist’s email]

Subject: Re: Introducción: [Therapist’s name] y Dan Hogan

Date: 26 March 2018, 5:53 am CDT

[Spanish translation removed]

Hello [Therapist’s name],

I’m pleased to meet you. I send you a cordial greeting as well.

I am hopeful you will be able to help and support Hunter. To understand how your “house of assistance” works, I will come see you to see your facility and learn about your therapy programs. We will discuss monthly payment at that time.

Please choose a convenient day after April 12, 2018 when I may come to see you. My wife, Donna, will join me. She speaks Spanish. I hope Hunter will join us as well.

I look forward to meeting your “group” called [Therapist’s organization].

Kind Regards, Dan

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Email to Dan Hogan about his violation of my boundary

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected], [Therapist’s email]

Subject: Re: Introducción: [Therapist’s name] y Dan Hogan

Date: 26 March 2018, 8:20 am CDT

Dan Hogan and Donna, you don’t get to buy control over me. You don’t get to purchase any knowledge of my life. I specifically set a boundary: you cannot know anything about my medical care. You cannot purchase that information. You cannot abuse your power to cross my boundaries. You will continue to do it, just as you have committed multiple crimes in the past six years. I will not be going to the ranch.

[Spanish translation removed]

(peace) سلام, 和谐 (group harmony), amor (love), and happiness,

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I am flabbergasted

I wrote in my email to Dan Hogan, “You violate boundaries so often that the majority of this letter is devoted to ensuring that you don’t violate boundaries.” And I told him, “Frankly, I doubt you will fulfill your promise. I don’t know what tactic you will use this time.”

Nevertheless, I am shocked by his actions. Dan Hogan’s entire business, Lord and Hogan, is devoted to honoring agreements.

I am an idiot for thinking Dan Hogan would stop abusing his power and would honor his agreement.

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