Dan Hogan promised to pay for my therapy! But…

I have found a place to live and heal, and my father, Dan Hogan, has agreed to pay for it, but there’s a catch. 

I have found a ranch that does equine assisted therapy, and I can live there. Of course, I will have therapy and the medicine I need to heal. When I need assistance with tasks such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, or laundry, I can get help. The ranch is quiet and peaceful. 

For many months, my father, Dan Hogan, has been pushing me to find something like this and he said he would pay for it. A few days ago, I told him about this ranch and he asked to whom he should send the money.

Dan Hogan’s history of promises

So, what’s the catch? He has a long history of broken promises. He has not sent the money yet, and I am worried.

For many years, he has talked to many people about my life: especially his opinions about what I should do with my life. He pushed me to look for an opportunity such as this and promised he would pay for it. If you know about equine assisted therapy, or if you think he should help me, you can help me immensely by writing to him, sharing this post, and liking this post.

[email protected]

[email protected] 

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