Dan Hogan will spend thousands of dollars to meet me in Mexico, but he won’t spend $2,300.84 to heal me

Yesterday, my father, Dan Hogan, broke his agreement to help me recover. Instead, he demanded to travel to rural Mexico from the United States and “hope” to meet me.

Dan Hogan has committed crimes against me that have contributed to my poverty and to my complex post traumatic stress disorder. He is partially at fault for my dire situation. He is willing to spend US$1000s traveling to Mexico with his wife, ostensibly to help me, but he refused to send me US$2,300.84 so I could transform my life.

PayPal request to Dan Hogan because he contributed to my poverty and my medical problems

From: PayPal

To: Hunter Hogan

Subject: You’ve sent a money request

Date: 20 January 2018

You requested $2,300.84 USD from Lord & Hogan LLC

Your note to Lord & Hogan LLC

Since 2010, many of your choices hurt me. At times, you chose to commit moral wrongs, you chose to commit crimes, you chose to commit torts, and you chose to violate your personal ethics: including communicating effectively, respecting boundaries, and willingness to change.

Your choices are a significant cause of my suffering. Will you choose to correct your mistakes, change your behavior, and mitigate your wrongs?

You can continue to choose to attack me, blame others, reject your chances to learn, demand control, avoid the effects of your choices, and rationalize your mistakes with excuses and justifications. Or will you choose accountability and to live a path of redemption?

Payment request details

Transaction ID: U-688528528K830830A 

January 20, 2018

PayPal notice from Dan Hogan restating his promise to help me, and giving me US$25 when I was starving and lacking medicine

From: PayPal

To: Hunter Hogan

Subject: You’ve got money

Date: 7 March 2018

Lord & Hogan LLC sent you $25.00 USD 

Note from Lord & Hogan LLC

You have another option for getting food, shelter and medicine besides suicide or stealing. 

Transaction Details

Transaction ID: 89G853314T5489201 

March7, 2018 

What can you do?

  1. Tell Dan Hogan what you think. [email protected] 
  2. Help me survive long enough to get the medicine that will cure me.
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