Veronika asks you to help Hunter survive

Hi, my name is Veronika, I am German and I met Hunter three years ago in a hostel on my trip to Mexico. We had breakfast together, talked and laughed a lot. The afternoon I continued my journey. But only some kilometers. Then I came back to the hostel. Why? Because I had the feeling, that I just left a very good friend behind. We continued to talk for the next 24 hours, then I really had to leave.
But still now, more than three years later, he is my friend. And I am very happy about it.
You may ask: “Why on earth should I spend my hard-earned money to help this man to survive and to heal?!?”
Here are my reasons why I want Hunter to survive:
1. He is funny. He made me laugh and smile so many times! He often cheered me up when I was depressed or sad or grumpy.
2. He is well-educated and has fine manners. He knows so much about thousand of things and opened new horizons for me, like discovering more about Middle America and the USA through its posts or making me think about the things that are important for my life.
3. He is a good listener and doesn´t judge you.
4. He is crazy. But in a good way. The German word for crazy also means to push things to another place. And I think it´s important for society to have crazy people, people who think in other ways, see life with different eyes than ´normal´ people. Otherwise a society would always stay the same, wouldn´t progress.
5. He is a philosopher and has excellent analyzing skills. Like Sherlock Holmes. So if you need to get to know the reasons why you did something, ask him.
6. He is a great teacher. He brings the best out of you and is very encouraging.
7. He is an excellent writer. It´s a pleasure to read his posts. And he helped me to improve my English. I sometimes wish I could write in German like he does in English!
8. He is brave. In spite of all the bad things that have happened in his life the last years, he never gave up. I know it by my own how difficult it is to continue to live while most people think of you as being a loser and despite everything you try life just don´t want to turn on the bright side. To stand up again and again under these circumstances needs a lot of courage and strength.
So, if you now think, that I have given you a reason to help Hunter, please donate.


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