My poverty will no longer stop my support of other people: DualDonate

Despite my poverty, I must return to supporting the good in our world, but I must use different methods than I have used in the past. I am calling it DualDonate.

Today, I am dangerously poor, and I feel frustrated that I cannot give money to support good things in our world. I have kept an informal list of things to which I will donate when I am not poor. Years ago I was not poor, and I supported people through my careers, with my knowledge, with my skills, and with my money.

I have battled against my poverty for a long time, and my ability to support other people has steadily declined. My list of things I want to support grows larger. But because of my poverty, I must delay supporting them in the ways I have previously supported them.

I must wait to use my earlier methods of support, but to support them by some method, no longer will I wait.

I will create campaigns to give money to the many things I want to support. I will support human rights, art, animal rights, technology, knowledge, and more. Size is not important. Location is not important. In each campaign, half the money will support my escape from poverty and half of the money will go to the people I want to support. Until someone thinks of a better name, I am calling this DualDonate.

DualDonate symbol

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