Something will change today, but what?

  1. Thank you to the one friend who sent some cash.
  2. Lodging: ends today
  3. Food: three days
  4. Medicine:
    1. Loratadine MXN$65
    2. Diazepam MXN$1028
    3. Alprazolam MXN$563.50
  5. Assistant: can’t afford, laid off
  6. Packages:
    1. Box with one item is at the post office. (The USPS website incorrectly says it is still en route, but because I had help from an assistant, she knew who to contact to learn the package is here.)
    2. Second medium-sized​ box: might be here or arrive today. Online tracking information is contradictory.
    3. Third medium-sized box: similar to second box.
  7. My noise hypersensitivity is more debilitating than ever. This will only make sense to the people who remember some of my Facebook posts about the symptom.
  8. Catch-22: if I could explain all of the aspects of my life in one clear, organized, comprehensive document, then I would certainly receive all of the help I need to recover my health and strength. But, I don’t have enough health and strength to write a clear, organized, comprehensive document.
  9. Cash: MXN$2602.50
  10. PayPal: US$233.98
  11. Currently, five friends kindly send me money each week or month. The total averages to US$262.90 per month. One of my friends must change their budget, and when that happens, the new average will be US$95.25 per month.
  12. I don’t know what will happen today.
  13. My PayPal address is [email protected]
  14. Will you send me 99¢ per day?

99¢ per day
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I’m disabled & homeless.

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