Life happens whether or not you are ready

Except for the anxiety (disorder) and apprehension (healthy), I am nearly ready to start my new life as a fishing, camping, hitchhiking, over-educated, homeless, unemployed gringo.

Paradoxically, I feel both that this is insane and that it is plausible and I am prepared enough to succeed. I am not sure how I can feel both things at once, but I do.

My most recent purchases:

Cuchillo Muela Alce COMG-16
  1. A small carabiner to attach my canteen to my backpack
  2. A 16cm knife for descaling and gutting fish
  3. 20 tablets of 800mg ibuprofen (a luxury I have not had in a long time)
  4. 20 days of venlafaxine
  5. A hard-plastic eating utensil that is a spoon, fork, and simple knife, and it folds in half
  6. Magnesium fire-starter
  7. 100 band-aids
  8. Four rolls of toilet paper
  9. A compression bandage, 10cm x 5m because I am going to attempt “barefoot hiking”. Instead of buying US$100 special shoes, I will wrap the bandage around my feet to protect them from sharp objects. I will have shoes with me if it does not work.
  10. Vitamin B complex because I do not have enough money to buy modafinil and I am sure I will need something to help with will power: I will not be drinking caffeine everyday now
  11. A bar of soap
  12. Deodorant
  13. Triple antibiotic
  14. 10 sterile gauze pads
  15. Duct tape for emergencies, including if I need to tape one of the gauze pads to my skin
  16. Tweezers because the geniuses at Heathrow airport confiscated mine because they were a “security threat,” but I had flown with those exact tweezers in my carry-on through all of the following airports: Beijing, New Delhi, Cairo (to Tel Aviv!), Amman, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Munich, Cairo (again), and Moscow. Bloody brilliant, you Brits are.
  17. A 30m spool of twist-ties that you cut to the exact size you want
  18. A 3m x 3m tarp
  19. 50 ft of nylon rope
Toilet paper

I had to make many trips to many places; costs:

  • US$16.28
  • US$3.39
  • US$15.00
  • US$29.53
  • US$20.13
  • US$14.98
  • MXN$14.00
  • Total: ~US$100.28

I still need to buy some things, especially proper clothing for hiking and fishing. Strangely, sunscreen here is outrageously expensive: MXN$290 for 100ml, so I still need to buy a cheap bottle of that. I need a way to purify water: I am not just hiking, I am drink the famous Mexican water. I need a cooking pot, and fishing gear, too. There are a couple of other things, but I certainly have enough to survive and deal with emergencies.

My backpack was already full, so I am leaving a lot of stuff behind: I doubt I will need a suit anymore.

I had hoped to take a bus to a warmer area tomorrow, but as I write this, I am not sure I can pack everything in time. I have emailed some people about helping me with some things like making sure my website does not die, and many people have replied–thank you. I am behind in returning those emails, though. I have many things I must do to prepare for this insane adventure.

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