Why Monster Energy Drink helps my mood

Monster EnergyI have known for at least 15 years that caffeine helps my mood. Sometime between six and eight years ago, I wanted a ton of caffeine for both my mood and to focus on studying, so I tried a Monster Energy Drink. I was surprised how much it helped my mood and I have often used it to help my mood, usually when I do not have access to medicine.

Monster has many supplements such as taurine and the amino acid, L-carnatine and I was not sure which of the supplements, or what combination, where helping my mood. Since I use Monster to help my will power, finding the motivation to figure out which ingredients helped me the most was a Catch-22: if I have the will power to do the research, I spend my energy on other things, and when I need the will power–and would like to do the research–I do not have the will power.

After many years of being caught in this dilemma, I have finally done some research and I think I know what helps me: one or more of the B vitamins. I researched the ingredients and their effects on the body. I did not expect the B vitamins to be the answer because I had tried a B vitamin supplement before and I did not feel that it helped me. But, I think I used the supplement at a time when I did not need will power, so I probably would not have noticed an effect.

Four of the vitamins seem to help anxiety or concentration, and since that is the effect that I desire, I bought a B vitamin complex. I have only taken it for a couple of days, but I immediately noticed a difference. Similar to the effect of Monster, within 30 minutes I had more will power and less anxiety. The effect is not even close to the power of Provigil for will power or Valium for anxiety, but the vitamin helped–and I do not need a prescription for it.

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