Short, open letter to my dad, Dan Hogan


Hunter Hogan

We have exchanged a few emails in the last two weeks. I am confident you are repeating the mistakes you made in 2010 and 2011. You ignored my words then and things turned into a crisis for you.

Today, I intended to write more here, but reading through those old emails has emotionally drained me. Remember, I have multiple medical conditions that have been diagnosed and re-diagnosed by multiple doctors in three countries, but I am not receiving the treatment that the doctors all agree I need. So, yes, it is possible that reading old emails can be debilitating for me–that is why my conditions are called disorders: they interfere with normal life functioning.

Because I do not have the strength to write a synopsis and analysis, the following links will have to suffice.

  1. I proactively talk to my dad, Dan Hogan, about my finances
  2. I tell my dad, Dan Hogan, to protect his finances from my potential financial problems
  3. My dad, Dan Hogan, “let’s me go” and is indifferent to my defaulting on loans he cosigned
  4. My dad finally talks about finances but inexplicably Cc: my mom, who he divorced when I was 5
  5. After 21 months of his inaction, my dad commands me to act “ASAP”
  6. I tried to avoid a crisis, but my dad wrote, “if that means you default on your loans so be it”
  7. If I cannot repay my loans, my dad will have to pay $82,094.00
  8. My dad thinks a 42-cent stamp trumped my homelessness, depression, anxiety & PTSD


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