After 21 months of his inaction, my father, Dan Hogan, commands me to act “ASAP”

From: Dan Hogan [[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 1:59 PM
To: Hunter Hogan
Cc: Lindy Lumbert
Subject: sign the forbearance paper…attached
Attachments: scan0005.pdf

I was able to get a 2 month forbearance on the Chase bank loan when I spoke to them over the phone yesterday
After talking with the NCT folks about their loan, they explained they need the attached written request.
I’ve filled it out. It needs your signature. Sign it and mail it in ASAP —today or no later than tomorrow.

Dan Hogan, CMF, CPF
Lord & Hogan LLC
Dan Hogan
1 – 713 – 454-7660 USA Direct Line
1 – 713 – 249-1365 USA Cell Phone
1 – 713 – 523-4200
Houston, Texas USA

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