My father, Dan Hogan, “let’s me go” and is indifferent to my defaulting on loans he cosigned

From:                                         Dan Hogan [[email protected]]
Sent:                                           Monday, July 4, 2011 9:18 AM
To:                                               Hunter Hogan
Subject:                                     RE:

it is natural to want to support you but I need to get it that I can’t and will not support you the way you want; I got it now

I believe the attitudes and behaviors we as individuals demonstrate produce what they hold dear (i.e. holding fear produces fear, holding love produces love, etc)

you and I think and process our life’s experiences differently.  we have different attitudes and behaviors as to how we approach the world we interact with.  our judgments, decrenments and the way we process information, the way we manage our important and close relationships ….are different.

my approach works for me and you have never that I can recall told me I need to change

I need to do that for you too and mentally / emotionally let you go.

you have the right to approach life just the way you want.

if that means you default on your loans so be it

Dan Hogan, CMF
713-523-4200 Work
713-249-1365 Cell

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