Many people that support the invasion of Iraq do so out of fear. They are afraid that Saddam will cause another terrorist attack, support terrorist groups, or invade the United States.

Most people that oppose the invasion of Iraq understand that those three scenarios are unlikely. However, anti-invasion activists are not typically sympathetic of these fears.

Saddam did not cause 9/11

There is a massive segment of the population that believes that Saddam Hussein was directly responsible for 9/11. He was not. None of the terrorists were from Iraq. The CIA has admitted that there is no link between al Qaeda and Iraq.

Saddam is a brutal dictator

Brutal dictators use brutal dictator tactics, not terrorism. They do not provide large-scale support for foreign terrorists groups. Foreign terrorists groups are a direct threat to the power of a dictator. Again, there is no link between Iraq and al Qaeda.

Saddam was contained

The efforts of the United States to contain Saddam Hussein in Iraq for the last 12 years worked. Before containment, Iraq invaded Kuwait and Iraq fought a war with Iran. After 1991, Saddam did not even control all of Iraq (the north was effectively autonomous). The policy of containment was working. He was not a direct threat to the United States. He was not a major threat to his neighbors.

Fear is natural

Fear is a natural feeling. It is even understandable that many people feared Saddam. However, they did not need to fear him. The strength of our military and the power of our constitution were effective shields against Saddam.

Sympathy for their fears

When talking with people that support the invasion of Iraq because of fear, try to help them see that were safe from Saddam and that we did not need to invade. If they begin to understand, then help them to see that this invasion is likely to make them less safe.

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