Be a patriot, and support the Constitution

The Constitution

The US Constitution is our weapon of freedom. It struck down segregation. It supported women’s right to vote. It protects our religions. It enforces our free speech. It is the foundation of America.

In other countries, wicked men break their own laws and the people suffer. In weaker countries, one man can defy an entire nation and the people are enslaved. In those countries, power corrupts their leaders and the citizens live in fear.

But not here. We have a lighthouse in the fog. We have a moral compass. We have the Constitution.

All or Nothing

Do not underestimate the need to follow the Constitution. If we choose to ignore one line, then the rest will fade away. If you break a house’s foundation, you doom it to crumble.

Do not throw away your freedom. Do not sacrifice your protection. Do not violate the Constitution.

War Belongs to Congress

Article I, Section 8 says that only Congress can declare war. Congress has not declared war. Call your congressional representative and tell them how to vote.

(800) 839-5276

Find your congressional representative.


Hi, I am a registered voter calling from [your home town]. I would like to leave a message for [your representative]. I feel that Congress expresses the will of the people. I want [your representative] to lead our nation and vote [for/against] explicit war with Iraq. I would love to speak with [your representative]. He/she can call me at [your number]. My name is [your name].

Make the Call

Your freedom depends on you. You must require our leaders to respect your rights. Make the call.

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