Saddam is a Criminal

Invasion is Illegal

According to the UN Charter, Saddam is a criminal.

Article 2 of the Charter says that nobody is allowed to invade another country; Saddam clearly violated this when he invaded Kuwait.

When one country attacks another country, the Security Council can do many things: interrupt the aggressor’s economy, postal service, phone service, radio, etc. Article 42 even says that the UN Security Council can order an invasion.

People have suggested that the UN can convene an International War Crimes Tribunal to indict Saddam for war crimes.

Invasion is Still Illegal

But watch out! These same Articles in the UN Charter also make it a crime for the United States to invade Iraq right now.

If we do not have the approval of the Security Council, then we are violating the UN Charter, and we might be indicted for war crimes.

If you believe that invasion is good, then call the French and tell them to vote for military action. (212)308-5700

We need the UN

We must have UN backing for this attack, or we will be violating the UN Charter.

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