Why are there terrorists?

Are you scared?

I am scared; anthrax, chemical weapons, sarin gas, bombing the WTC, flying planes into the WTC, flying a plane into the Pentagon, crashing a plane in Pennsylvania, the Oklahoma City bombing, Waco, Ruby Ridge, kidnappers, drug wars, wars on drugs, small pox, dirty bombs, and al Qaeda.

Terrorism is a choice

Why are there terrorists? Terrorism is the last resort of the coward. When powerless people resist, they have two choices: terrorism and non-violence. Terrorism is the worst choice. Gandhi and Martin Luther King overcame with non-violence; what group has won with terrorism?

We force that choice

How does the United States contribute to terrorism? Our actions, your actions, affect other people. We do not live in a vacuum. No, we did not tell Osama bin Laden and Timothy McVeigh to choose violence. Nevertheless, we did contribute to their need to make that choice.

Imperialism leads to terrorism

If you threaten a mother’s children, she will fight. We are threatening (and now attacking) the citizens and children of many nations. We do not need to be Imperialist. We do not need to take power away from people. When we take power away from them, they are forced to choose between terrorism and non-violence.

Stop Imperialism

If we stop Imperialism, if we stop taking other people’s power away, then they will not be forced to choose between terrorism and non-violence. The Cato Institute has a thorough study of this.

Terrorism is still wrong

Make no mistake: terrorism is the wrong choice. And, so is Imperialism.

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