I am running out of gratefulness; optimism day 11 of 21

When I started this exercise, I believed it would help me. Now, I am not sure if this will help me. In fact, I am concerned that this exercise is highlighting the deficiencies in my life and making me feel worse. I have not written about my family, for example, because . . . it is very painful.

Whether or not this works for me, I still recommend this exercise for nearly everyone else. Objectively, I can see how for most people in most situations, this process would help people to shift their focus and improve their lives.

I believe that the optimism exercise is way of training your mind to see life more positively and to escape from the problem in the above video.

Frankly, I still have no idea what three things I will write today. I feel frustrated. I am also worried that my inability to think of three things means that I am a bad person who does not appreciate the things in my life that I should appreciate.

. . . chicken teriyaki, buffalo wings, chicken vindaloo, cashew chicken, chicken tacos, . . .

Three things for which I am grateful:

  1. Indoor plumbing, especially toilets. Chamber pots sound horrible and outhouses sound terrible during rain, snow, or extreme heat.
  2. Air conditioning. I grew up mostly in Houston, Texas and it is very hot there.
  3. Plastic. We overuse plastic and we do not recycle it enough, but plastic has saved millions of lives, and perhaps counter-intuitively, it has reduced our energy needs in many areas because it is lighter than other materials so shipping it requires less energy.
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