Some progress

Two months ago, my laptop stopped working. I was finally able to get the motherboard replaced, and the computer will turn on now but the video is not working. I am still troubleshooting the video problem but my intuition tells me that I will need to replace some other part of the laptop to get the video working again.

As for medicine, I was able to get some anti-anxiety medication and it is helping. My emotional reactions to life are layered, however, and now that the anxiety has been reduced, the depression is much more obvious. I am glad that I am not having as many panic attacks but the profound sadness is still an obstacle to many things. There is one medication that was a huge help with my depression and I am still trying to get that. Long term, I need stability in my like so that I can do talk therapy and build a strong, stable life to conquer the anxiety (PTSD) and depression.

It is good to finally make some progress, though. When I was getting the medication, the nurse and the doctor both asked me about my “support network”. Their questions reinforced for me the importance of having help when facing difficult times. In fact, I was only able to make progress with my computer and with my medication because I received help from Josh, Tom, C, W, Coz, L, and S. Each of them helped me a little or a lot and there is no way I would have been able to get anything done without them.

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