Overview, goals, and learning topics of my new life

My goals for this new lifestyle, how I am thinking about it, and the skills I need to learn.

Very general to-do list

  1. Learn to hitchhike
  2. Waterproofing
  3. Update people through websites and email


  1. Save money
    1. Save money by camping instead of hostels
    2. Learn to fish and hunt to save money on food
  2. Heal
    1. Exercise
    2. Journal
    3. Reduce exposure to triggers
    4. Maybe I can avoid talking about the past
  3. Traveling experience
    1. Learn
    2. See new places
    3. Experience new cultures
    4. See wonders of the world
    5. Try new food
    6. Meet new people

To learn

  1. Food to carry for emotional “emergencies.” The equivalent of Boost shakes.
  2. How to trim beard
  3. Avoid mosquitoes
  4. Waterproof everything
  5. What information is good to have on a map
    1. Water!
  6. Learn to cook
  7. Learn to fish
  8. Learn to hunt
  9. What vaccinations I need, if any

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