My master to do list

To give you an idea of the things I am thinking about and working on, here is my to do list.

  1. Addresses and money issues
    1. Change PayPal address
    2. Change Google AdSense payment method
    3. Change other addresses
  2. Photocopy and photograph all identification documents
    1. Birth certificate
    2. Social Security card
    3. Passport
    4. Name change order
    5. Mexican entry document
  3. Trade, sell, dump, store
    1. Pen light
    2. Electrical converter
    3. Camera
    4. Mexico map
    5. Memory card from old camera
  4. Improvements
    1. Wallet is lame–the open pocket does not hold things in
    2. Backpack needs modifications
  5. Upload data
    1. Data is not organized
    2. MUST find a way to encrypt all of the data. See
    3. Need method of updating changed files
    4. Need method of uploading new files
  6. Update websites
    1. Help me page
    2. Status pages, like inventory
  7. Ask people to do small maintenance tasks
    1. Monitor web host
    2. Monitor WordPress and plug-ins
    3. Monitor email
    4. Wiki
  8. Medical care
    1. Vaccinations
    2. Prescriptions
    3. Dental care
    4. Prescription glasses
    5. Calcium deposit on chest
  9. My stuff in other places
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