Equipment I might need

This list is everything I might need now or in the future. Many of the items are recommendations from other people or websites. Some of the items are mutually exclusive: if I have a water filter, I am not also going to get UV light for killing bacteria. I have eliminated some items. I used to delete them when I eliminated them, but now I am crossing them out instead. It does not include consumable items I already own and use. That is the next list.


  1. Try to wait to buy things so I can get strong enough to carry more weight
  2. Buy things when I understand what features I need
  3. Good price

Possible items, by category

  1. Clothing
    1. Rain gear
      1. Poncho with hood was a good recommendation
      2. Shoes specifically for wet weather?
    2. Warmer pants
    3. Tank top
    4. Shoes
      1. Barefoot shoes
      2. Fishing shoes
      3. Mountain hiking boots
    5. Non-cotton underwear
    6. Non-cotton socks
    7. Long underwear
  2. Water
    1. Canteen
    2. Water filter
    3. UV light
    4. Tablets or drops
  3. Sleeping
    1. Mattress pad
    2. Pillow
    3. Sleeping bag
  4. Hunting and fishing gear
    1. Bow
    2. Crossbow
    3. Arrows for fish
    4. Reel or attachment for bow/crossbow for bow fishing
    5. Fishing net
    6. Shrimping net
    7. Fishing pole or some other line-fishing setup
  5. Waterproofing
    1. Pack cover, or figure out how to make tarp double as pack cover
    2. Waterproofing spray like NeverWet or Always Dry
    3. Bags or containers for everything in my pack
      1. Or is this overkill
      2. Adding weight
      3. Making things bulky
  6. Cooking
    1. Axe
    2. Wire saw
    3. Pot
    4. Pan
    5. Smoking or preservation (e.g., salt) equipment
    6. Large spoon
    7. Spit
    8. Fish grill/press that makes it easy to flip the fish
  7. Toiletries
    1. Toothbrush
    2. Shovel, trowel
    3. Straight razor
  8. Entertainment, distractions
    1. Books
      1. How to camp
      2. How to fish
      3. How to hunt
      4. Edible/dangerous plants/animals
      5. Philosophy
      6. Spanish-English dictionary
      7. Latin-English dictionary
      8. Novels, especially in Spanish
    2. Small camera
  9. Miscellaneous
    1. Sharpening stone
    2. Map(s)
    3. Anti-mosquito
    4. Anti-bug
    5. Dog, for hunting, safety, companionship
    6. Tablet or smartphone (camera, GPS, maps, computer)

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