While I slept, someone stole my only shoes.
This is a first draft of a portion of something I thought would help people.

Primary goal
We want to change things so that I don’t help from anyone. 1) We must reduce my symptoms. 2) We must create a healthy place for me to live. The more we reduce my symptoms, the easier it is to create a healthy place to live. Similarly, the more accommodating to my symptoms a place is, the less we must reduce my symptoms.

Death zone
If I don’t have one of the following, I have a serious risk of dying. For each additional one I don’t have, my risk of death increases substantially. This list is always essential. If I own all of the best camping equipment in the world, but I don’t have one of these items, then nothing else matters.
1. Air
2. Water/food
3. Minimal coping medications (we want this list to change as we find better therapies and as we heal the causes of my symptoms)
a. Omeprazole
b. Modafinil (Modiodal, Provigil)
c. Wellbutrin (bupropion, anfebutamona)
d. Venlafaxine
e. Vitamin B complex; including B1, B2, niacin, B6, B9, B12 (because of omeprazole)
f. At least one anti-anxiety (Currently know to work, in descending order of effectiveness: alprazolam, lorazepam, diazepam, clonazepam)
g. Caffeine
4. Shelter, clothing, and equipment to protect me from the elements
5. Safety of my body
6. Security of my essential items
7. A place for excretion that doesn’t increase my risk of disease
8. A place to sleep that doesn’t endanger any of my essential needs
9. The absence of the stimuli that aggravate my symptoms: as we cure the causes of my symptoms, this list will shrink and then disappear
a. Sounds are the most common and difficult problem
i. Barking dogs: I could have everything available to me, but if I am regularly exposed to barking dogs, I will stop eating and stop moving. This is a very serious symptom.
ii. Noises expressing anger or threats of violence, such as angry yelling and unnecessary honking.
iii. Crying babies or children pretending to be upset or actually upset.
b. Too much light; this is rare unless I am in a weird place subjected to car headlights or I cannot escape bright lights at night.
c. Smells: feces and rotting garbage.

Essential needs foundation: my life slowly gets worse and I suffer everyday
If I have all of the essential needs, but nothing else, then my life will slowly get worse because I will get older and all of my equipment will degrade through normal wear and tear. Plus, the essential needs still have a risk of injury or death that is far above the risk of injury or death of the general population. If I only have the essential needs, I will only have the capacity to survive each day: I won’t be able to do anything to improves my life. If I only have my essential needs, then I feel agony and/or pain at all times, including nightmares. In some ways, having only the essential needs is worse than death.

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