Income opportunity

For over three years, I have been trying to make money teaching English while staying within my limitations. I have made some money, but being homeless made it impossible to make enough money to survive. I have never stopped trying to find a way to earn money, however, and today, an opportunity unexpectedly appeared. Today, I was looking at cheap places to rent, and I found a place where I could live and I could use it to teach small English classes.

A couple of hours ago, I pulled out my business plan and budget for teaching English classes. I updated the business plan in a few places. I updated the budget, including the exact, not estimated cost of rent. I will continue to tweak the plan and budget, but the following numbers are good estimates.

I project my monthly expenditures to be MXN$25,782 (US$1390). I calculate the one-time costs to start the business to be MXN$6,400 (US$345). I only need 16 students to have revenue of MXN$26,700.

My “expenditures” include everything for the business and all of my personal expenses, including medicine, food, and shelter. Therefore, once I have 16 students, my revenue should cover all of my day-to-day expenses. I met two or three hundred people who wanted to take English classes from me, so 16 students is not an ambitious number.

If I can start this business, after I have only 16 students, I would not be in danger of homelessness, running out of food, or running out of medicine. I would not need to beg for money every week or sleep on the streets where I have been robbed, on average, every 7.5 weeks.

To get started, I need to rent this apartment/classroom, buy food, buy medicine, and some other things: US$1,735. If I can start this, I will earn some money this month, but I doubt I will have all sixteen students, and I will certainly not have them for an entire month’s revenue, so next month, I will likely need some support, too. If I don’t start this business, then next month, I will still need support and the amount I will need will be greater than if I do start this business. Starting this business is a savings.

Please, support this extremely rare opportunity for me to be self-sufficient again. I have put hundreds of hours of effort so I could be ready if an opportunity like this appeared. I have the opportunity, and the only thing I do not have is a relatively small amount of money. Click here to help me seize this opportunity. Please.

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