Someone tried to kill me, but that’s not important

Yesterday, my phone was stolen from my hands while I was having a catatonic episode. Today, Google’s Track My Phone showed that the thieves turned on the phone. The only way Google connected to the phone was through Telcel’s internet service. Therefore, Google knows exactly where the phone was turned on. Telcel knows exactly where it was turned on. But I can’t get the information from either company. The police, however, only need to call a special phone number and those companies will give them the information.

How do I know? Because when I was a prosecutor, I used the special phone number in a few cases. It is extremely easy. I talked to multiple police officers here, and they were all too lazy to make a phone call.

Where was I when the phone was stolen? I was in an alcove of the primary government building here. There are cameras everywhere. I asked the police to look at the cameras. They didn’t. This is the third time in ten days I have been robbed at that exact location, and each time, it was during the day, and I was in the alcove, and someone robbed me, and the police don’t give a fuck.

If I move somewhere else, there are barking dogs. Barking dogs are the worst for me. After a few days around barking dogs, I can barely function. There are no houses here, so there are no barking dogs.

If I had enough money to buy the amino acids that will reduce my symptoms, I might be able to tolerate barking dogs. Then I could accept one of the many offers I have to stay in someone’s extra room. The cost is something like $150 for two months of amino acids.

If I am living in a safe place, I don’t get robbed, I gain a ton of time because I don’t need to spend 30 minutes to drag all of my stuff to go to the bathroom, and I can do more research to find things to reduce my symptoms more and to heal my 5HT2A problem. I might be able to reduce my symptoms enough to earn money teaching English. I already have two people who want to set regular days and times with me, but my symptoms and homelessness make it impossible for me to keep a regular schedule.

I think that some people refuse to support me with a small amount each month because their foolproof idea to fix my life was wrong.

Oh, and someone tried to kill me by running me over with their car. The police didn’t do anything. The homeless have less rights and less protection than thieves and would-be murderers.

Is $10 per month going to break your budget? It could save my life.

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