Self-sufficiency now or I die

On Tuesday, everything I had been working on collapsed. I had no money and no options. But for two people sending a total of US$150, I would not have looked at apartments. If I had not looked at apartments, I would not have found a place where I could teach English classes. But for, two other people sending me a total of US$90, I would not have continued to work towards getting the classes running.

My computer broke today. I don’t have medicine and I am barely able to function. I spend most of the day in pain. I don’t eat enough food. Because of poverty and homelessness, my equipment continue to break and get stolen. Because of poverty and homelessness, my body continues to deteriorate. In the last week, three people have angrily told me to go back to my country. As a homeless person, I am exposed to the hostility that Trump has created, and life is more dangerous. I can’t continue being poor and homeless.

Either I get enough support to stop being poor and homeless, or I’m done. I have an excellent opportunity to teach English classes and be self-sufficient. I need relatively little money. Because I don’t have enough cash to rent the apartment/classroom or secure other resources I need, this opportunity is already straining under the pressure. It is very rare to have the opportunity to start a business and end homelessness with so little money and with relatively little effort. This unique opportunity will not last long. Click here to help me seize this opportunity.

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I’m disabled & homeless.

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