I’m still in despair


The video above shows one of the side effects of a medicine I take. Until I started building the wave pendulum, I wasn’t aware how strong the side effect had become. Shortly before I started taking Wellbutrin (anfebutamona or bupropion), I repaired my backpack by sewing for over an hour. I had no problems. A few months after I started Wellbutrin, I sewed two other things and I had no problems. Living like this is destroying me.

I have $8 and no pesos. Tomorrow, I’ll be out of every coping medicine. This video shows what happens to me when I run out of all medicines.


I have a diagnosis. I know what medicines to take to cure these problems. The only reason why I am not already healthy is because I don’t have money. It’s the only reason.

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I’m disabled & homeless.

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