Deathwatch 2017: updates, facts, figures, and events

Note and money in tissue box
  1. I’m assuming you have read all of the previous, related posts.
    1. I know that if all of this information were better organized, then it would be easier for you to understand what is happening.
    2. I don’t have the strength to organize things for you. I barely have the strength to write anything. For example, I have tried to write this post for three five six days.
    3. For over four years, I have asked for help organizing this information. A couple of people spent a couple of hours on it, but nothing significant. (Sadly, at least one person with purely good intentions accidentally made my digital life more difficult, and the problems are not on my website, so I don’t have the power to fix it myself.)
    4. I have offered that if people improve my website, and keep track of their hours worked, then if the website has advertising revenue, I will pay them for their time before collecting money for myself. No response, but the offer is still open.
    5. I previously offered to teach people about web design, WordPress, search engine optimization, and everything I have learned since my first job working on a website in 1996 in exchange for improving my website. No response. That offer is not open because I don’t have the strength to do it.
    6. I’ve tried to make it easier to use my website, and I’ve tried to ask for help other than money and equipment. With a few exceptions, neither have had much success.
  2. Last summer, many friends in the US kindly gave me equipment I needed. Some of it has arrived in Mexico.
    1. To save money on international shipping costs, all of the items were sent to one address in the US. The plan was to ship all of the items to Mexico at one time. Many things caused many delays, especially when I was attacked.
    2. We tried shipping via DHL but they were inexplicably moronic. After the package was returned to the US, we divided it into multiple boxes.
    3. We sent one box via USPS and Correos de México. Of course, we needed a couple more obstacles to heighten the drama, but I have the package now.
    4. I have real clothes again: two shirts, pants, and a new shemagh. I have some excellent tools, cooking equipment, and containers to prevent water damage to my equipment. And I have some things that make life easier: mirror and compass, hammock, dog whistle, Mexican flag patch for my backpack (so I am less gringo), and a day pack that makes it so much easier to run errands.
  3. One-time cost: My backpack still needs some repairs. If the shoulder strap breaks, the backpack will essentially be useless. I don’t know the cost to repair it. Labor is relatively cheap in Mexico, so compared to the US, the cost will be trivial. On the other hand, I don’t have enough money for food and medicine, so I can’t afford any price for repairs.
  4. A second, small shipment should arrive soon.
  5. One-time cost (that is effectively a recurring cost): headphones. It is easy to find headphones for MXN$20, which is a little over US$1, but it is difficult to find durable headphones at any price. I need headphones to manage my symptoms. I am so hypersensitive to sounds and stressful noises that without headphones, I didn’t accomplish anything for three days and the stress induced an uncommon symptom for me: I picked at my skin until I was bloody in many places. Until I have positive things in my life, my hypersensitivity to sound and light will be a huge problem. (The puppy I had is an example of a positive thing that reduced my hypersensitivity.)
  6. A third shipment, similar in size to the first, should arrive in less than three weeks.
  7. One-time cost: passport and passport ID card. The card would allow me to store my​ passport in a way that protects it from theft. My recollection is that the cost is about US$100 plus shipping. It expires on 2 June 2017. If I wait too long after expiration to renew it, then there are additional costs and requirements. The renewal process takes many weeks, plus shipping time, so I should mail the application tomorrow, but I don’t have enough money. Because of people robbing me, my passport is my only photo ID. An expired passport will cause many problems no matter what country I am in.
  8. Sam paid $US10.87 to renew my domain name. Thank you for the help.
  9. There were some issues with the third shipment, so either we will need a fourth shipment or those items cannot be sent to me.
  10. I have had nose bleeding multiple times every day for about two months. I don’t know why.
  11. I bought a box of tissues to help with the nose bleeding, and tucked inside the box was a note and MXN$50 (US$2.40).

I need your help

I have more information I want to share, but my stress level is causing me to fall asleep. (It is a common symptom of depression, and for some people, it is a symptom of PTSD.) I will run out of money in about 10 days. My despair is so strong that I am sure that death would be a relief. Please, is your a small luxury in your life that you can temporarily live without? If a few people can help me with $0.99 per day, I can afford food and medicine and break the vicious cycle of poverty and health problems.


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