With your help, I am hitchhiking to Palenque

  1. I am going from Chetumal to Palenque, Mexico.
  2. I will try hitchhiking for the first time. I have selected towns in between the two cities that could be good stopping points. Google Earth: Chetumal to Palenque. (Google Earth is free.)
  3. If this is posted I am already on my way and off the internet.
  4. My depression symptoms have been unusually strong for the last week. I do not know why.
  5. My depression has prevented me from answering multiple emails or accomplishing multiple tasks I wanted to accomplish. If I have not replied to you, it has nothing to do with you: it is due to my depression.
  6. Staying here in Chetumal, Mexico has been good for me: absolutely no stress from being here, I met some great people, and I learned many things from them.
  7. I still want to sell my camera.
  8. On 21 February 2015, I headed for Belize. The trip could have been better. (Also see the Google Earth file: Belize-Mexico border.)
  9. My website has an unknown issue that is causing it to use more script executions per month than my hosting plan allows. Like February 2015, it is likely that this month my website will go offline again. My guess is that it will be unavailable by 22 March 2015 until 1 April 2015. I have a friend trying to fix it, but the issue is strange; if you can help, please email me. Someone checks my email when I am offline.
  10. My current Mexican visa expires on 24 March 2015, and I will go to Guatemala by then.
  11. To read other posts about this phase of my life, click the tag Therapy of the wilderness.
  12. If this stage of my life (or any stage) interests you, many people would benefit if you started a wiki page about it on my wiki.
  13. One of my main concerns right now is that my website will fall apart. I have had it for over 14 years, it has tens of thousands of pages, and it has value to me. I wish I could have a little help from people to make it better. See this story and video about people gently tipping a train to free a trapped man. Many hands make light work.
  14. Alternatively, some religions and philosophies believe that if I am not attached to the website, then I will have less pain. (Note that less pain is not the same as more happiness.)
  15. On 11 March 2015, the last poem from the book I wrote in 1998 will post. Over the years, I lost my copy of one poem, so it is not posted. There are a few people who still have a paper copy: if you have a paper copy, I would love to have a scan of it.
  16. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of the expansion of help I have received in the last two months. My mother and sister have become more involved, strangers have become more involved, and friends have become more involved. Financial help is only part of the equation. People have given me excellent advice and ideas, helped me research things, taught me new skills (I have many new skills to learn), shared my story with other people, helped maintain my website, and many other things. Please join these people: a little effort from you can have a significantly positive impact on my life.
  17. I mentioned some problems above, but the general trend for the last two months has been positive. If my life continues to gradually improve, I can heal. I still have major, and daunting, tasks ahead, but with your help, I will be strong again.

سلام (peace), 和谐 (group harmony), amor (love), and happiness,

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