The most substantial change in my life

I am still fighting, but I am unsure if I am fighting the right battles.

All of my possessions are on the floor: sorted into sections by function. When I pack and leave, I will enter a world without the internet, computers, electricity, or reliably clean water. I am functionally illiterate here, and my spoken Spanish makes it impossible for me to communicate anything except the most basic ideas. Despite how close Mexico is to the United States, I know much more about European geography than Mexican geography and more about Chinese culture than Mexican culture. This change is so radical that I need different clothing, different food, different shelter, and even different traveling bags.

The knife and scissors on my multitool were so dull as to be useless; I lucked across a knife sharpener on a bicycle: MXN$22. My pen ran out of ink, so I bough a neat, inexpensive collapsible pen, and I repaired my watch strap that was broken when I almost died in the Cairo elevator: MXN$44.

Each day a new poem is published, a friend is updating the Table of Contents page with the new link. One new poem each weekday until 11 March 2015. Thank you for your help with that.

Another friend is helping manage some of internet accounts so that I can still access the money I get each week from the five friends who help me. Thank you–the red tape involved can be frustrating.

I created a wiki on my website that uses the same software as Wikipedia. Anyone can edit it and make pages. It seems likely that some people will use it as a means to say mean things, or untrue things, about me. Since I will not be on the internet, the issue is whether or not anyone will use the wiki to tell the truth about what has happened.

I think I have successfully uploaded all of my important information to various servers on the internet. If I get the time before I leave, I will figure out a way to share access with some people. The easiest way is for people to sign up for LastPass using my affiliate link. When you sign up through that link you get and I get one month of premium for free. With the premium features, I can share login information with specific people.

I need people to help make sure my website does not crash: web host administration, WordPress admin, WikiMedia admins. I guess someone should check my email, too. Many hands make light work: just like my two friends above are doing small tasks for me, it would be perfect if a few more people would do one or two small tasks each: then everything will get handled and it will not be a burden on any one person.

Perhaps more important is that if had enough help with these computer issues and with the wiki, then it would be great for my mental health. One of the few advantages of moving into a tent is that I will have time to contemplate and potentially heal. But if I am worried about things on the internet–and I have almost no ability to access the internet–then it will be more difficult for me to focus on the core issues. A little help from a few people would ease my mind.

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