If you missed it: my father, Dan Hogan is not a doctor

A handful of vocal people believe that my dad, Dan Hogan, has made a reasonable offer to help me by saying he would only help me if I agree to the medical treatment of his choice and open a dialogue with him. I have been diagnosed and treated by multiple doctors in the US, in Cairo, and in the United Kingdom. Not one doctor has diagnosed anything that is contrary to a diagnosis of any other doctor. Not one doctor has recommended a treatment plan that is contrary to the treatment plan of any other doctor.

An important detail: not one doctor has recommended residential treatment, and not one doctor has even recommended the less-intensive alternatives of day treatment or home visitation.

My dad is not a doctor. He is not a therapist. He has not seen me for over four years. Despite his lack of training and lack of facts, he has concluded that residential treatment would help me–counter to the treatment plans prescribed by every doctor who has diagnosed me.

That is not an offer to help me. An offer to help me would be grounded in facts. There are no facts to support the idea that his offer of help will benefit me, and there are many facts that prove that a residential program would hurt me.

Dan Hogan is a certified facilitator: allegedly, he helps people, especially experts, to communicate with each other so that the experts can make a decision. In his role as a facilitator, he is not supposed to help make the decision–the decision should be made by experts in that field.

Despite more than 20 years of experience helping engineers make decisions about oil platforms or nuclear reactors–which he certainly did not have the training to contribute to the decisions–he is attempting to buy my agreement with his “medical opinion” that I would benefit from residential treatment.

His actions are absurd and arrogant. His “help” is dangerous.

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