United Kingdom Home Office, Border Agency, Asylum Procedures under Fast Track and Non-Suspensive Appeals

United Kingdom law required that the Border Agency meet with me within a specific amount of time of holding me in detention. The government violated that requirement. When they finally did meet with me, they gave me the document below. I scanned the actual document, which is lopsided because it was a photocopy itself. The agent who gave me the document made all of the marks on the document, including the boxes and marking out of sections.

On page six, notice that the agent marked out “Refused Certified.” The agent told me that this was not a possibility. That was a harmful lie, of course, because in the end the government did use the “Refused Certified” option.

From the very beginning, the United Kingdom government lied to me and used other tactics to undermine my application and/or to coerce me into withdrawing my application.

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