[Video] Enough of every medicine I take to last until 7 May Healthy Day!

Fight the power. Hunter Hogan at HunterThinks.com

Contribute to the PayPal Pool. https://paypal.me/pools/c/8xmwJyZuMH Healthy Day is 7 May: I will start taking the healing medicines by that date. Until then, I need to take coping medicines. I’ve created a PayPal Pool so that I can buy enough of all of my medicines to last until 7 May. I will buy these medicines.

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Some of my to-do lists

You can support my recovery by helping me to accomplish the tasks in the lists below. One person can make a difference A message from Jacob You have the power to change things How one person’s actions changed everything The to-do lists YouTube: HunterHogan Change many: add card and/or end screen to all videos, linking

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I’m disabled & homeless.

I must earn money from advertisements.

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