Some of my to-do lists

You can support my recovery by helping me to accomplish the tasks in the lists below.

One person can make a difference

A message from Jacob

You have the power to change things

How one person’s actions changed everything

The to-do lists

YouTube: HunterHogan

  1. Change many: add card and/or end screen to all videos, linking to support page and/or Patreon
  2. Change many: chapters
  3. Change many: Description text
    1. Remove links to wishlist
    2. Remove Amazon Affiliate links
    3. Discord link?
    5. Remove link for transcribing/translating
  4. Change many: Pinned comments
  5. Change one: this thumbnail flipping the bird
    1. Edit
    2. Send for Review
  6. Comment response team
  7. Gamify: # of videos a person has liked
  8. Gamify: # of videos on which a person has commented
  9. Perk: “(redacted)”
  10. Perk: ad-free videos. How is this possible?
  11. Perk: digital security
  12. Perk: MTV’s “Unplugged” ⏩ “Hunter Unglued” or “Hunter Unedited”
  13. Perk: VPN
  14. Perks: what’s possible?
  15. Podcasts/videos: I record my ramblings, you find something interesting
  16. Podcasts/videos: you use my existing material (video and written) to make something
  17. Process: Automated chapters
  18. Process: Automated keyword generator
  19. Process: Automated summarizer
  20. Process: Bounty system for videos
  21. Process: many hands
    1. Visual elements
    2. Audio elements
    3. Script writing
  22. Process: marking comments for Q&A videos
  23. Process: Transcribe videos & create chapters—simultaneously
  24. Process: Use payroll software
  25. Recruit people for Editor (limited)?
  26. Reusable trailer: (redacted)
  27. Tool: comment management
  28. Tool: Kinetic typography. How can I do it?
  29. Tool: managing YouTube video descriptions
  30. Tool:
  31. Tool: Wisio
  32. Video equipment
    1. Memory cards
    2. Lights
    3. Tripod
    4. Microphone
    5. Video camera
  33. Video equipment AoN fundraiser

Potential videos

  1. Live stream series: chat
  2. Live stream series: interview people who know how to fix my life
  3. Live stream series: interview people who know that I deserve to die
  4. Live stream: make beverage can stoves
    1. Alcohol 500 ml x $40
    2. Lighter $40?
  5. Live stream: make beverage can stoves with homeless people
    1. Test internet connection
    2. Electricity is ideal
    3. Promote the live stream locally
    4. Promote live stream internationally
  6. Live stream: Prove immunity to shrooms
  7. Video series: Amazon Affiliate items for the pandemic
  8. Video series: app reviews by multiple people
  9. Video series: How to be homeless
    1. Equipment characteristics
    2. Poop, pee, and bathrooms
    3. Sleeping outside
    4. Police
    5. Victim of crimes
  10. Video series: Hunter, edited
  11. Video series: live chat photo composition
  12. Video series: only the facts you need to know about COVID-19
  13. Video series: read the four gospels
  14. Video series: teasers about questions I can answer
    1. The US has tons of food, why are food charities necessary right now?
    2. Farmers are throwing away food, why do we need charities for food right now?
    3. The media is wrong for even discussing “Obamagate” and injecting bleach
  15. Video series: views about homelessness, international interviews
  16. Video series: (redacted)
  17. Video: “Those were the droids we were looking for!”
  18. Video: 1. How we read & 2. Trauma with my father
  19. Video: 2FA
  20. Video: Biosphere incompatibility
  21. Video: break your competition
  22. Video: Cash App bug
  23. Video: (redacted)
  24. Video: Colored masks to stimulate the economy
  25. Video: cynicism
  26. Video: endorse Rite in the Rain
  27. Video: give free housing to the homeless and it will improve the economy
  28. Video: homelessness is hitting a baseball while running on a tightrope without a safety net
  29. Video: how to be poor
  30. Video: how to not touch your face
  31. Video: I need change. Wishlist as illustration
  32. Video: missing hiker vs homeless person
  33. Video: password manager
  34. Video: Self-surgery prerequisites
  35. Video: debunk we aren’t supposed to drink cow’s milk

Almost every possible way to help me

I wish this list included almost every possible way to help me, but it is incomplete. Furthermore, some items on the list are not yet possible because I need help implementing them.

  1. Do: change browser homepage to
  2. Do: click Like on video
  3. Do: comment on videos, respond to comments on videos
  4. Do: Crypto currency browser-mining
  5. Do: Crypto currency software-mining for my benefit
  6. Do: in ad-blocker, whitelist my website and YouTube
  7. Do: share videos and webpages
  8. Do: subscribe to YouTube with notifications
  9. Do: watch rewarded ads
  10. Do: watch videos ASAP after publication
  11. Donation “luxury tax”
  12. Money
  13. Money: Cash App
  14. Money: credit card through PayPal
  15. Money: credit card through Stripe
  16. Money: Patreon
  17. Money: PayPal
  18. Money: PayPal recurring support
  19. Money: YouTube Super Chat & Super Sticker
  20. Other affiliate programs
  21. Other referral programs
  22. Research: Buy Modafinil in bulk for lower price
  23. Research: Google Play Store country restrictions
  24. Research: Photogrid won’t install on ZTE 9 (Android 8)
  25. Research: publish this to do list in real time
  26. Research: scientific calculator Android app
  27. Sign-up: Cash App referral

Business plans

Some of my ideas are easy to steal, so I removed some items and redacted some information. I have hundreds of business plans ready to be implemented. In the past, business plans I wrote have been funded, including one plan that received $6 million in funding. If an idea here seems implausible to you, then I didn’t share enough information to make it easy to steal, right?

  1. App: FFmpeg (redacted)
  2. App: game franchise, My Robot Minions
  3. App: improve audio of spoken words
  4. App: pandemic (redacted)
  5. App: pandemic (redacted)
  6. Apps: video production
    1. (redacted)
    2. (redacted)
    3. (redacted)
    4. (redacted)
    5. (redacted)
  7. Apps: YouTube management
  8. Bug/typo/error/stupid UI reporting
  9. Connection in partner dancing
  10. Discord bot to (redacted)
  11. Dog walking
  12. Google-maps business
  13. Improved search interface for (redacted)
  14. Knife sharpening
  15. Lock security
  16. MMORPG: (redacted)
  17. Partner with existing reviewers to review ANC headphones & durability of products
  18. Pendulum wave
  19. Photos on Rappi
  20. Sell COVID-19 kits
  21. Study hall & English practice


  1. Affiliate programs
    1. Amazon
    2. Cash App
    3. Cornershop (MX only?)
    4. Google Play Store
    5. Grammarly
    6. iTunes
    7. Rappi (MX only?)
    8. PayPal
    9. Speed cleaning
    10. Uber Eats
  2. Digital money transfers
    1. Mibo (Weex wallet) w/virtual MasterCard (real card, too?)
    2. Todito Cash
    3. Phone app named “Transfer”
  3. Electronic money
    1. Venmo
  4. Email addresses, extract from Outlook-file backup
  5. Email addresses, recover all from (redacted)
  6. Email addresses, recover all from (redacted)
  7. Gamification of help
  8. Merch
    1. Patreon
    2. uTip
    3. StreamElements
  9. Monster energy drink patronage
  10. Other people run a fundraiser
  11. Ringtone “you lost your phone”
  12. Self-surgery fundraiser
    1. Political protest
    2. Support my recovery
    3. I can handle this pain while doing surgery for the first time: but 5ht2a is too much for me
    4. Preppers
    5. People who want gore
    6. Lipoma/zit addicts
    7. Maybe a new medical condition
    8. Help the homeless
    9. Real suicide prevention
    10. Medical professionals, students & amateurs
    11. Bring attention to the universal problem that we receive “all you have to do” advice & “you should do yoga and take essential oils”
    12. Scalpel blades 100 #11 for $161, but need different handle
    13. Curved scissors
    14. Epinephrine is a vasoconstrictor
    15. Second forceps?
    16. Cauterizing?
    17. All or nothing
    18. Livestream
    19. Split the money with organizations, like universal healthcare or homelessness

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon cancelled my Amazon Affiliate account because I didn’t sell enough because I couldn’t implement my ideas. If I have help, I can open a new account.

  1. $1 is waiting for me if I fill out the correct forms
  2. Need app for creating links
  3. Create & link accounts in all countries
  4. New page on website
  5. WordPress plugin
  6. Speed Cleaning
  7. Pen, rite in the rain
  8. All products I asked for on wishlist: how to be homeless; Bushcraft; preppers

HunterThinks website

  1. Should I concede the H1 vs H2 fight?
    1. Convert most H1 to H2?
  2. In Gutenberg, remove indentation from group blocks
  3. In Gutenberg, create reusable blocks
  4. Migrate off Open Currency Converter
  5. Migrate off TablePress
  6. Facebook check-up?
  7. Fix redirects in the broken link checker
  8. Fix broken links
  9. Overhaul Google AdSense
  10. Overhaul Google Analytics
  11. Fix the Google custom search on the website
  12. Overhaul Google Search Console
  13. WordPress plugin(s): add info to YouTube videos
  14. Discussion forum on website
  15. Wiki on website
  16. Get (redacted) to mail my photo negatives to a digitizing service
  17. GDPR
  18. AMP?
  19. Configure OneAll social media login plugin
  20. Ads: Social Gallery Pro plugin is defunct

Monetize existing self-surgery videos

  1. Configure ARVE Pro
  2. Convert ARVE shortcodes to ARVE Gutenberg Embed on published videos only
  3. Troubleshoot: age restricted problem
  4. Add card to point to website.
  5. Migrate videos
  6. Announce the change
  7. Get people to promote the videos on reddit & stuff
  8. SEO
  9. I have unpublished videos of self-surgery #0 somewhere?
  10. YouTube playlist, self-surgery, in description, announce change
  11. Learn AdSense
  12. Configure privacy policy to satisfy AdSense & Google search
  13. Configure anti-adblocker

Videos in progress

  1. Video: Jacob’s message
  2. Video: your anger is a signal
    1. Revise Jacob’s draft
  3. Video: dead bird
    1. Review draft video
  4. Video: Factors affecting my diet
    1. chapters
    2. Think about chapter signals!
    3. Process part 2
    4. Reassemble with rolling like & subscribe
  5. Video: How to clean your room
  6. Video: Kamchatka challenge
  7. Video: poor people can’t access courts to enforce anti discrimination laws
  8. Video: Is it trash or is it valuable medicine?

Wish list

  1. Active noise cancelling earplugs/earbuds for sleeping
  2. Backpack
  3. Belt
  4. Day pack
  5. Gloves
  6. Headphones, active noise cancelling
  7. Heart rate monitor? Fitbit?
  8. Heating pad
  9. Laptop
  10. Micro SD fastest, biggest
  11. New phone
  12. Pants, convertible
  13. Phone protector
  14. Prescription glasses

Wish list, making money

  1. Selfie stick
  2. Video camera
  3. Surgical supplies
  4. Microphone for videos
  5. Lights for videos
  6. Tripods

Medical therapies, recurring

  1. Alprazolam (Mon, Dec 21)
  2. Antiácido/antigas. Similares
  3. Bencidamina. Similares
  4. Ketorolaco. Guadalajara
  5. Loperamida. Similares
  6. Loratadina. Similares (Mon, Dec 14)
  7. Lorazepam. San Pablo (Fri, Dec 11)
  8. Modafinilo. Similares (Mon, Dec 14)
  9. Naproxeno. Similares
  10. Naproxeno/lidocaína gel (Lumboxen). Similares
  11. Omeprazol. del Ahorro (Mon, Feb 1, 2021)
  12. Telcel (Wed, Dec 23)
  13. Therapeutic massage
  14. Venlafaxine. Similares (Mon, Dec 14)
  15. Vitamin D. Similares (Mon, Dec 14)


Items I must buy from time-to-time.

  1. Bloqueador solar
  2. Cepillo de dientes de viaje (Toothbrush)
  3. Cotton swabs
  4. Crema antibiótica triple
  5. DEET. Chedraui
  6. Hilo dental
  7. Toothpaste, travel
  8. Vendas adhesivas

Items & costs

  1. iDrive
  2. Permanent housing
  3. Passport
  4. Mexican visa
  5. Food
  6. Hotel: temporary shelter
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