Survival status


In a video, I showed all of my possessions. I accidentally left out the netbook I am currently using. I forgot about it because I had loaned for a week to it to another guest at the hostel who had his smart phone stolen and couldn’t connect to the internet. Even though the last time

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Snow covered benches

If I were confident that the pain and degradation in my life would eventually end, if I knew exactly when it would end, and if I did not have to suffer like this for that much longer, then I believe I could get through this.

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A small dose of alprazolam and I am much better

Benzodiazepine molecule

Because of the war on drugs and because we under serve the health care needs of poor people, I have been unable to get the medicine I need. After I was able to get one more medicine I need, the positive effects on my life were immediate and dramatic.

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Why Monster Energy Drink helps my mood

Monster Energy

I have known for at least 15 years that caffeine helps my mood. Sometime between six and eight years ago, I wanted a ton of caffeine for both my mood and to focus on studying, so I tried a Monster Energy Drink. I was surprised how much it helped my mood and I have often

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Archive: How to help me improve my future

Tweets by @hunterhogan This page lacks cohesion, which is exactly why it exists. I want to heal and build a new life, and this page describes some of the obstacles I face and how you can help me overcome those obstacles. The lack of cohesion in the page, and why the page is a mishmash,

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I’m disabled & homeless.

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