Survival status: roadblocks

I have made progress is some areas. I have been a little more social, and that helped my mood. I added some features to my website that will eventually help me. I researched and learned many new things that will eventually help me. I did not fix my problem with Doubleclick for Publishers, but I discovered and fixed a problem with AdSense, so my ad impressions are up slightly.

But time stops for no one.

Hunter Hogan on 2014-11-14
  1. I ran out of venlafaxine, so if I don’t buy some more in the next five hours, I will start to experience serotonin withdrawal syndrome.
  2. I have one day of diazepam left.
  3. Not having modafinil has made life much more difficult.
  4. I am too depressed to add up my money, but I have about US$6 in PayPal and maybe US$100 cash for food.
  5. broke something on my website and I have not been able to figure out the problem.
  6. While trying to diagnose the problem, a tool broke something that was not broken. (For computer nerds, it altered my .htaccess file and erased dozens of redirect directives.)

I barely sleep anymore, but I did finally have almost six hours of very restful sleep without any nightmares. My mind and body feel refreshed. If my mood were not that of a strong desire to be dead, I am sure I would be very productive.

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