Threats: probably from a police officer in the US

Someone on Reddit searched for my old posts and comments, then he wrote comments that threaten me. He claims to have worked with me when I was a prosecutor, and most of the people I worked with were cops. His calls himself Hitler’s Autistic Brother, which could describe a particular cop I worked with. His grammar and writing style are relatively distinct, and it is consistent with the reports written by the specific cop.

The specific cop was the only cop who was hostile towards me—the majority of the cops appreciated that I worked 80 hours per week; I was always available to answer their questions and I insisted that they call me anytime they had a question so that we could ensure their safety, protect people’s rights, and deescalate/resolve disputes; that when a defendant tried (and failed) to cut a police officer with glass, I took the case to trial, earned a conviction, asked for 300 days in jail workout time off for good behavior, and the most lenient judge in Illinois sentenced the defendant to 300 days. The entire county understood that if they put a police officer at risk, I would aggressively prosecute them.

If the author of these threats did work with me, then I know who it is. He was a police officer and might still be one.

It’s irrelevant that he wrote falsehoods because many other people have written all kinds of falsehoods about me. What is relevant is that he has made specific threats and that he has access to police tools that increase his ability to follow through with his threats. He’s not the only person who has threatened me, either.

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