Therapeutic protocols, three versions: homeless, amateur & professional

I will take two medicines

I have found one class of medicines (“SP”) that will improve and probably cure two medical problems that prevent me from having a healthy life. Before that class of medicines can help me, however, I must cure yet another medical problem: low 5HT2A receptors. I have found a second class of medicines (“C2”) that will improve the 5HT2A problem. One round of taking the medicine every day might be enough to cure the problem, or I may need multiple rounds.


  1. Four doctors have reviewed the following diagnosis.
    1. All four agreed that the diagnosis was possible.
    2. All four did not know of a name for any part of the diagnosis.
    3. All four could not provide an alternative diagnosis.
    4. All four had confidence in my ability to understand medical literature.
  2. Diagnosis of significant biological disorders that give rise to symptoms that disable normal life functioning.
    1. Serotonin type 2 subtype A (5HT2A) receptor density is functionally zero.
    2. Amygdala and/or hippocampus are predisposed to produce a disproportionally-strong response to an aversive stimulus.
    3. Amygdala is predisposed to produce a disproportionally-weak response to an appetitive stimulus.
    4. Default mode network (DMN) has increased functional connectivity and/or increased activity.

How to improve and possibly cure the biological disorders


  1. Money will be the sole determiner of which protocol I use.
  2. For nearly all medicines in classes “C2” and “SP,” no one has studied how the medicine interacts with other medicines.
  3. 5HT2A receptor density must increase to a healthy level before any therapy will have any effect on the hippocampus, connectivity or activity in the DMN, or the disproportionally-weak response in the amygdala.
  4. 5HT2A receptor density must increase to a healthy level before any therapy can completely cure the disproportionately-strong response in the amygdala.
  5. The magnitude of stress must decrease significantly or any increase of 5HT2A receptor density will be temporary and the biological disorder will return.

Oxytocin is a partial cure

Oxytocin, produced by the body in large amounts, frequently and regularly, will partially cure the disproportionately-strong response in the amygdala. Oxytocin mitigates, but does not cure or eliminate, some symptoms of the other biological disorders.

The basic outline for all three protocol options

  1. For seven consecutive days, take one medicine from the “C2” class of medicines.
  2. Measure 5HT2A receptor density.
    1. If the 5HT2A receptor density has increased to a healthy level, proceed to the next step.
    2. Otherwise, repeat the first step with the same medicine or a different medicine from class “C2” as appropriate.
  3. On two to four non-consecutive days, take one medicine from the “SP” class of medicines.
    1. If there is no improvement or only minimal improvement in the functioning of the amygdala, hippocampus, and the DMN, then repeat this step once with a different medicine from class “SP”.
    2. Otherwise, reassess my health as thoroughly as possible.

The “amateur” protocol is not the best or the worst option

I designed the amateur protocol. I have learned much that allows me to design a viable protocol, but my knowledge is not comprable to a professional researcher or a medical professional, hence the protocol is “amateur.”

Currently, I take six medicines every day. No one has studied or reported drug interactions between those six medicines and any of the medicines in “C2” or “SP.” I want to stop taking those medications and let them washout of my body for two reasons. First, it is the safest way to avoid dangerous drug interactions. Second, washout ensures that those six medications do not prevent the healing effects.

The washout period is ten times the elimination half-life of the medication. For the six medicines I take every day, I would need 12 days (11 days and 16 hours) to washout all of them. Then I could start the protocol above, and if I needed to restart any of the medicines, that would not happen until after the protocol finished.

By the seventh day of the washout, I would sleep excessively, eat little or nothing, and drink little or nothing. I would be unable to follow the protocol for at least the first seven days. Therefore, I would need to have a place to live and at least one person to help me eat and drink enough and to help me stay on the schedule of the protocol. Depending on the positive effects and the side effects of the medicines, I might need help at other steps.

As you read in the protocol above, I might need to repeat steps or change medicines, so calculating the cost of the amateur protocol is difficult because of the variables. With washout periods, the protocol requires at least 38 days. The good news is that housing, food, and labor is inexpensive in Mexico. If it is only 38 days, I estimate the cost to be a little over US$4000. After estimating different scenarios, I think it is fair to view the cost of this therapy as being only about US$110 per day. I think the most likely outcomes would cost US$5000–6000.

After seven years of symptoms that more than 20 doctors were unable to diagnose or heal and seven years of being unable to work because of the symptoms, I would be ecstatic to be healthy enough to live and work for only $110 per day after six to nine weeks of therapy.

The “homeless” protocol is more dangerous, less likely to succeed, but probably my only option

If I can’t afford shelter and help, then I can’t stop taking my current medicines, so I can’t do a washout. I have to hope the side effects and drug interactions don’t put me in danger while I am sleeping on the streets. The medicines are administered the same way as a flue shot: an intramuscular injection. The streets are not the most sanitary place for injections. The amount of money I have will determine which “C2” and “SP” medicines I will take and which laboratory supply company I can buy from. Assuming I don’t have a crisis, the cost is at least US$25 per day because I must still buy my current medicines. If everything were to be perfect, the cost would be US$1000.

If this is my only option, I will do it. I would rather die from an infection at an injection site or a drug interaction than live this miserable, hopeless, painful life. I will not accept living this way because of medical safety: my life is already dangerous.

The “professional” protocol would be designed by professionals

In the near future, I will follow a rainbow to its end, find a leprechaun and a pot of gold, and beat the shit out of the leprechaun until he gives me three pots of gold and a fucking pony to carry the gold. I will spend one pot of gold on women and wine. Actually, fuck the wine: women and women. Women love ponies.

I will spend the second pot of gold on a place to live, clothes that aren’t torn, a washing machine so I don’t have to wear dirty clothes, and a six month supply of every vitamin, amino acid, and medicine that reduces the severity of my symptoms.

I will use the last pot of gold to search for and to hire a highly-specialized medical professional who can select medicines and design a therapeutic protocol better than I can select medicines and design a therapeutic protocol. Doctors love gold.

If the leprechaun kicks my ass and I don’t get any gold, how much would this option cost? Fuck if I know.

To pursue the professional option I need something more valuable than money: I need sufficient support that I can trust. While homeless, I’ve had my arm broken and been sexually assaulted three times, but that hasn’t lead to enough support for me to live better than a feral dog. How the fuck will I suddenly have enough trustworthy support to spend time and money consulting with medical professionals?

The best option is to study my medical conditions for everyone’s benefit

One fact is undeniable: the way my body currently functions is beyond the understanding of contemporary medicine and science. If my condition and my response to various therapies were properly documented, it would at least be a small benefit to researchers. If my diagnosis is correct and my therapy works, proper documentation could help millions of people with symptoms similar to mine.

I don’t have the resources or the knowledge to properly document any of this. If I heal, my documentation when viewed by researchers will sound like, “I once had a cancer THIS BIG, and I curred it with quantum homeopathic ionized crystals and a cranberry-grapefruit juice cleanse.”

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