Daily cost, no electricity & leprechauns

The cost of modafinil, my most expensive medicine, increased from MXN$716 for 9 days to $780, which is an approximate increase of US$3.50. Every nine days. Hurray.

The only public, free electrical connection was removed yesterday. To recharge my devices, I will have to pay for food I wouldn’t otherwise buy or stay in a hotel. I was able to use the public plugs at any time, but now I am limited to business hours. This is not a trivial issue. It’s more disruptive to my life than if you didn’t have electricity in your house or your neighborhood and you couldn’t recharge your electronics at work, the gym, school, or any place you regularly visit.

The leprechaun story was funny. It was discordant and jarring within that document. My entire life is discordant and jarring, and I don’t feel the need to shield you from reality.

  1. If I don’t have enough medicine, I die.
  2. I have been unable to afford to buy all of the medicines that are available locally.
    1. My symptoms have been worse than necessary.
    2. The cost has been approximately US$9.70 per day for only medicine to manage my symptoms.
  3. Multiple doctors talked to me about my severely increased risk of dying from heart failure because my symptoms include dangerously high heart rates.
  4. If my life continues to only include medicines that manage my symptoms but do not cure me, I will die sooner rather than later. The life expectancy of a homeless man is 43 years old. I am 43 years old.
  5. If I could afford the missing medicine, the cost for all medicines would total approximately US$10.50 per day.
  6. Three amino acids (small proteins, basically) are widely available for sale in the US but nowhere in Mexico. Taking them would reduce my symptoms. Because I must buy them from the US, I must buy in bulk. A per day cost is not a useful metric, and it is difficult to calculate because of many variables. To buy them, I would need at least US$100 because it seems that if I buy $100, the shipping cost drops from $14 to free.

To buy the medicines that will cure me, I need help from a local professional. I haven’t yet looked for someone because I don’t have any money to buy the medicines or other supplies. If I can get the money, we will order the medicine and supplies from a laboratory equipment supplier in Mexico. Suppliers in Mexico have horrible, outdated websites, so I don’t know the cost of what I need to purchase. Using US prices as a guide, I tried to guess what the maximum cost might be. The following estimate would not be enough to purchase the supplies from suppliers in the US, so even though I think this is the maximum cost, I might be wrong. MXN$5100 or US$276.

The necessity of finding a qualified professional is daunting. I am obviously homeless, and I will have to go talk to a professional. My clothes smell like urine. I must carry my backpack with me. My teeth and poor Spanish give the impression that I am an idiot. Because of my appearance, no professional should seriously entertain my claims about medicine, so getting the medicine will probably require many rejections from people who have less education than I have: more humiliation and frustration. Hurray.

If I were in the US, it would be impossible for me to the medicines I need.

Have I ever told any of you about the time I saved a man’s life? I’ve told a few people, but I don’t think I have publicized it anywhere. Do I have to prove that I saved people’s lives before my life is worth at least $10 per month? The most useless link on my website.

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