Better symptoms, cleaner, but nothing is free

Sometimes, three days of isolation improves my symptoms. (I discovered this because some science suggested it would be true. Finally understanding the biology of my problems has helped me more than all of my doctors combined.) So, for the last three days, I had little contact with people and my symptoms are much better.

I shaved, showered, washed my sleeping bag, and washed my clothes (three months passed since the last laundry). I smell better and look better.

I evaluated my equipment and repacked my backpack. That probably doesn’t sound important, but it was much more valuable than the shave and shower.

This evening, I was street begging, and someone read the technical description of my problems and understood the science. He is a neurophysiology researcher, and his team studies the 5HT2A receptor. They are working on different issues, but I have been looking for someone with his knowledge and said he would help me. Many people offer to help me, but the overwhelming majority of people never have contact with me again. So, this might be another heartbreak or it might be great.

Without the money I get from street begging, I would be dead. Because I was isolated for three days, I didn’t get any money from begging. On Monday, I need to buy eight medicines. In pesos: 595 +420 +289*2 +58 +120 +780 +326 +65 = MXN$2942. Fuck. That is much more than I was imagining. That is US$159.


I have US$26.46 in PayPal, but I have not eaten (or bought) dinner yet and I will buy breakfast for tomorrow, so that will be lower. While begging tonight, I might have made a good contact, but I didn’t receive much money. I have MXN$61.50. (US$3.32) So, I’m begging on the internet for $159 for the medicine I must buy Monday 25 February 2019, money for food, money for medicine before it becomes a crisis, and a unicorn. Send me a unicorn here.

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